We have all had that moment when you see an outfit on a store front’s mannequin, fall in love with it, go in to try it out, and find that it looks horrible on us.

It isn’t that the dress or outfit is horrible or that your body shape is the problem. What this means is that that particular dress isn’t the right fit for your body shape.

Body Shape Dresses

Picking the right dress that suits your body shape can be the difference between looking stunning and becoming a laughingstock.

The right dress can help accent your features and bring the onlookers attention away from your less flattering attributes.

This simple formula is why celebrity stylists get paid the big bucks to make their clients look gorgeous, whether while walking down the red carpet or going to the local Starbucks.

Here’s How You Find Out Your Body Shape?

For most women, the only body shapes they are aware of are slim, athletic, and fat.

Unfortunately, your body shape is determined, not by your BMI but by the measurements of your figure.

Body Shape Measurements

Measure These Vitals With A Cloth Tape To Find Your Body Shape:

  • Shoulder – The distance between the widest points of the shoulder. Get someone else to help you with this measurement.
  • Bust – The measurement around the fullest part of the bust (around your back) while keeping the spine erect. Ensure that your breasts aren’t squished but the tape is tightly held to get an accurate measurement.
  • Waist – The measurement taken above your belly button and below the ribs. Make sure that you aren’t sucking your stomach in or expanding it to get your natural waist measurement.
  • Hips – The measurement of the length around the fullest part of your butt. You should start from one side of the hips and use a mirror to make sure that that hip measurement is leveled.

Here’s What Your Measurements Say About Your Body Shape:

Body Shapes

  • Apple body shape (aka Inverted triangle): If you are ‘top heavy’ with broad shoulders, wider torso, fuller bust, and waist, you have an Apple-shaped body. This is actually the most common body shape for women around the world, regardless of what magazine covers have to say.
  • Banana body shape (aka Straight, or Rectangle): If your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip measurements are within 9 inches of each other, you have a Banana-shaped body. This body shape is said to have fewer feminine curves.
  • Pear body shape (aka Bell, Spoon, or Triangle): If your thighs, hips, and butt are fuller than your bust, you have a Pear-shaped body. This body shape is more common with women who tend letting their weight gain go to their thighs and butt.
  • Hourglass body shape (aka Inverted triangle, X-shape): If your bust and hips are wide but have a narrow waist, you have an hourglass-shaped body. This is considered to be the ideal body shape for women these days and is what is considered most desirable.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Picking The Right Dress For Your Body Shape:

Apple Body Shape:

Apple Body Shape

Most women these days fall into this category. But popular media rarely talk about fashion tips for women with an apple-shaped body.

However, if you have an apple-shaped body, be proud of your naturally full figure and flaunt it with the right outfit.

How To Pick The Right Dress For Apple Body Shape?

The goal here is to help you look taller while taking attention away from your heavier midriff.

The dress you need to wear should accent your legs and your curves with a deep V neckline.

Empire and A-line cuts work well for this body shape. Additionally, printed dresses can also help take the focus away from your body shape.

Flared bottoms like palazzos can also help give your legs more volume and improve balance. Flowy tops and full-sleeved dresses can accent your arms which is also a positive.

Furthermore, most women with this body shape have a bigger bust line which will require the right bra to accent your feminine curves with grace.

What Dresses Should Be Avoided For Apple Body Shape?

Any dress or outfit that clearly accents your figure is a big no-no for women with an apple-shaped body.

This means those stunning figure-hugging dresses celebs wear on the red carpet won’t flatter you as well.

Skinny jeans that clearly define your curves look good on the other body shapes, but not for this one.

If you want to wear jeans, create a balance with one that has an upper waist belt.

Banana Body Shape:

Banana Body Shape

While the Banana body shape looks to be the most plain of the body shapes, it can still be feminine.

Simply put, this body shape is like the hourglass body shape, just without the added curves.

So long as you accent the right features and pick the right colors, you should be able to look stunning instantly.

How To Pick The Right Dress For Banana Body Shape?

The attention that women with this body shape attract is focused on the arms and legs. These are often long and slim and can bring a feeling of grace with the right wardrobe.

Layered and ruffled tops are a great choice for this body type as this can add curves to the figure. A-line skirts can also be used to add this definition to your legs.

Strapless, sleeveless, and dresses with sweetheart lines are also good options to consider.

Simply wear clothes that help you avoid looking like a rectangular plank. So, long jackets and blazers are good add-ons too.

What Dresses Should Be Avoided For Banana Body Shape?

Most dresses go well with this body shape. However, overarched dresses should be avoided.

But this is your personal preference and should be fine if you can pull it off with the right set of accessories.

Pear Body Shape:

Pear Body Shape

The biggest concern for women with pear-shaped bodies is their thick thighs and butt. However, these days it’s all about the booty and big hips.

In fact, nowadays, women spend hours at the gym to get a body like Kim Kardashian.

So, if you are concerned about not finding something to accent your curves, don’t worry because you will look great with the right wardrobe.

How To Pick The Right Dress For Pear Body Shape?

Women with pear-shaped bodies can pick the right clothes to present the illusion of having an hourglass figure.

This works because of your narrow shoulders and wide hips, so long as some balance is achieved.

Wearing skinny jeans and loose tops can provide this hourglass figure.

In addition, A-line skirts and dresses can also accent your curves without overemphasizing them.

Ruffled tops, sweetheart, V-line, crop tops, and similar tops can also help bring the focus to your upper body, bringing balance to your visual appeal.

What Dresses Should Be Avoided For Pear Body Shape?

The dresses you should avoid with a pear-shaped figure are those that outline your upper body and exaggerate your lower body.

So, skin-fitting and tight tops, along with loose pants, should be avoided.

Hourglass Body Shape:

Hourglass Body Shape

It’s obvious to you and everyone else when you have an hourglass figure.

This body shape is considered perfect by our current standards of beauty. The reason for this is that the full bust and wide hips with a slim waist creates a unique balance.

In fact, this balance is something that the other body shapes aren’t able to achieve, increasing its appeal.

How To Pick The Right Dress For Hourglass Body Shape?

To get the best-fitting dress for your body shape, you will need to pick a well-balanced outfit.

Dresses that follow your body’s curves and accent them are the right choice for you.

While the women we see on TV and magazines have this figure, very few women actually have this natural body shape.

But if you do, sweetheart, V, and plunge V necklines are a great way to accent your upper body.

Pick dresses that hug your figure to be the best results. Additionally, placing your belt at your natural waistline can also bring symmetry to your body.

Simply put, most, if not all, body-hugging dresses will suit you perfectly.

What Dresses Should Be Avoided For Hourglass Body Shape?

The best part about this body shape is the breathtaking figure that you have. So, any clothes that are hiding this figure are not doing it any justice.

Case and point are loose tops that blur your figure instead of accenting it.

Be Confident With Your Own Body Shape

Picking the right dress that accents your body shape is important. But being self-aware and confident is something that will help you in the long run.

So, don’t fret for something you don’t, regardless of your body size. Simply pick the right outfit and know that you will look stunning.

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