Women And Their Battle With Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common kind of cancer which is faced by a lot of women these days. It begins from the inner lining of the milk ducts which is also called the lobules, which helps them to feed their babies. It is a form of malignant tumor, which has the ability to spread to various parts of the body. A breast cancer start which starts from the lobules is called lobular carcinoma, whereas the one which gets formed in the ducts is known as ductal carcinoma. There is an increasing number in women who face breast cancer and is known to be the most invasive cancer in women worldwide. As per research, a total count of 16% of all female cancers and 22.9 % of invasive cancers is most commonly faced by women. Apart from this, 18.2% leads to deaths caused by breast cancer.

The rates of breast cancer are increasing in developed nations and the main reasons for this are the erratic lifestyle factors which women today lead. Statistics have confirmed that Breast Cancer is most commonly found in older women. The different lifestyle that women choose to lead which comprises of eating habits and various negative lifestyle factors can accelerate the ration of causing breast cancers in women.

The National Cancer Institute has given a clear count of 232,340 women who have suffered breast cancers and this has been reported every year in USA. Out of these 232,340 women, a total count of 39,620 led to deaths caused due to this disease.

A mature woman’s breast consists of fat, connective tissues and several lobules which are tiny glands that produce milk. The milk generated at the time of breast feeding passes through tiny ducts and transfers through the nipple. Just like any other part of your body, the breast also consists of several billions of microscopic cells. These cells are further made to multiply in an orderly fashion. During this process the new cells are replaced by the ones which are dead and worn out. During breast cancer, the cells multiply in an uncontrollable manner and hence there are too many cells which are created and more than there should actually be. Cancer which starts in the lactiferous duct also called the milk duct is the most common type of cancer which occurs in women and is called the ductal carcinoma. The cancer which is generated in the lobular region of the breast is less common and is known as lobular carcinoma.

Below mentioned are some of the common symptoms of breast cancer which women face and needs medical attention of priority basis.

  • Women notice a lump in the breast.
  • A chronic pain in the armpits or the breast which is not caused due to woman’s menstrual periods.
  • A slight discoloration such as pitting or redness to the skin of the breast.
  • A rash in the nipple region.
  • A lump found in one of the armpits.
  • An area on the breast with thickened tissues.
  • Any sort of discharge from the breast, sometimes even blood discharge.
  • A change to the appearance of the nipple, it may get sunken or inverted.
  • A change in the size of any one breast.
  • The nipple skin on the skin of breast being to peel, scale or flake.

In any of the above cases, you need to ensure to have this checked out on medical terms immediately. There are treatments for breast cancer, but you need to ensure to provide immediate medical attention and face the correct plan of treatment to cure this disease.

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