Women And Technology

Gone are those days where we all were just used to having the stereotype world which acknowledged only male nerd geniuses, whilst women were busy kept shut behind doors or even the ones who tried to prove their worth of work were never allowed to move forefront. Thanks to the women empowerment taking place worldwide, it is indeed news to celebrate that there are many amazing women around the world doing pretty brilliant stuffs in today’s world of technology. The growth with regards to women empowerment is happening at a real fast pace and you see more and more women doing new inventive stuffs every day. Even in those cases where people are unaware or unconnected with the latest technology, the news with regards to women inventing latest technological stuff is either read in the news papers or heard in the news with regards to the technological industries gender gap.

There is a lack of professional women vis-à-vis male professionals. As per market research, women have made it popular in each and every field namely security specialists, developers, coders, writers, digital strategists, etc. It has been clearly proved that women who are technologically strong, have the ability to be considered equal with their male partners. For e.g. if you have a daughter or if you are looking for the perfect job or even cases where you might be concerned about the future of the economy or where you would probably choose to live in future, in all these cases technology helps in some way or the other. Women do not consider the gender issue as an ethnicity or an economic issue any more. They have adapted easily to latest technology which have helped women adapt and evolve.

Therefore more and more women should be able to shape their lives and choose to make use of more technology. The internet provides you with answers for anything and everything. The internet has helped many women to evolve and drive change into their life with regards to innovation and strategy. Hence if you are one such woman who still awaits to be in touch with the internet, be sure to get yourself affordable ways and start off with using the technology called internet.

As per a leading report generated by Broadband Commission Working Group on broadband and gender equality, statistics clearly state that 200 million women all over the world are leading lives without internet access. As time passes on, the gap is increasing and not decreasing. It is further proved as per statistics that by the year 2016, the count is going to reach around 350 million. Hence this commission organization created one such blog where the honored International Women’s Day whereby one can read ways and means how internet has changed many women’s lives.

Women need to form communities and questions what can they do as a community which can not only help them change lives but also help close technologies gender gap? Women need to break down barriers and motivate themselves such that they can ensure to pursue their interests in technology. By being updated with the latest technology will get women independent. They need to be a part of such environment where problems can be solved easily by using latest technologies.

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