Why Should Women Ensure To Do Strength Training?

Strength training is that form of workout which helps women to get strong and helps in burning calories. Therefore being a female firstly ensure to get out of the myth of instant denial towards lifting weight and give yourself some time to get over these myths and realize the vitality of strength training. As per statistics, it has been proved that only about 20% of women practice strength training on a weekly basis and these statistics have been well researched and proved by the National Center of Health Statistics. Also were you aware of the fact that just by pumping iron your body can be capable of reducing the overall body fat by 3 percent and that too in a time span of mere 10 weeks.

Strength training helps you trip up to 3 inches off your hips and waist region without having to make any drastic changes to your diet. The best part of weight training is that your body is still burning fat after your weight training session is done. As per studies conducted by The Journal Strength and Conditioning Research, it has been well proved that women who ensured an hour of weight training helped them burn almost up to 100 calories more the next day even if they did not work out at the gym or lift any weights. This totals up to 4.5 pounds of fat that women who weight trained manage to burn off their bodies. As per simple body statistics if you have managed to replace 10 pounds of your fat with 10 pounds of lean muscle mass this means you have effectively burned almost 50 calories a day.

Also most women are of the wrong impression with regards to weight training and fear that they might end up bulking up. This is a total misconception that needs to be changed. Research has proved that there are high levels of estrogens in women which make it extremely difficult to get muscular. Hence when women lift weights their body works well by getting toned, strength and enhanced endurance levels. This toned look enhances the attractive you rather than getting bulky or gaining masculine muscles.

Women should definitely indulge more into strength training rather than just concentrating on cardio workouts. This is the key secret for maintaining their overall health and fitness levels as it helps women with regards to maintaining the perfect balance to cardio workouts. Also as women begin to age, they begin to lose out on the muscle mass and this problem can be cured by strength training.  The fat percentage in women bodies begins to increase as they age and hence strength training helps to preserve and enhance the overall muscle mass. Also not to forget the vital factor of maintaining the correct body weight by helping women get rid of their obesity issue by ensuring to strength on a regular basis.

Being a woman you must be aware of the hormonal changes that you face as you age. These changes also bring about bone density loss which increases the risk of osteoporosis. Regular strength training workouts helps to slow the bone degeneration and enhances the strength of bones thus reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. Furthermore as you begin to develop muscles you also provide protection to your joints by enhancing your body balance and co-ordination which is essential as women age.

Know The Right Tips To Start With Weight Training:

  • To begin with start with using your own body weight as a form of resistance as this proves to be the best form to enhance your muscular strength. Exercises such as push ups, pull ups and abdominal crunches are the easiest to begin with that make use of your entire body weight.
  • There are forms of free weights such as dumbbells, weight bars and barbells which are available in all the gyms and are basic kids of free weights. You can also purchase these easily from any sports store or hit the gym to begin with your basic strength training workouts.
  • Most of the gyms offer circuit style weight machines which ensure to work out various muscle areas of the body. You will initially require a trainer or fitness expert to guide you to go about using these machines.
  • There are various resistance bands that are also available and are a form of home strength training.

Thus strength training should be made an essential part of every woman’s exercise routine as the benefits you gain out of it tremendous.

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