Men and women are different. We all are aware of the differences, not just the obvious ones but also the more subtle ones, including how men shop compared to their better halves. But while you know that your boyfriend, husband, brother or friend doesn’t shop according to your thinking, have you ever wondered what his rationales, motives, considerations, and perspectives are when he shops?

Men And Women Have Different Shopping Traits

Well, there is a lot of research on how men and women shop differently from each other. While we are aware that we all buy differently from each other, this article is written to help you better understand why it is that men and women have different shopping habits and tendencies. However, note that while we will be discussing how each gender shops and what tendencies they have, we will not concern ourselves with the stereotypes of either sex by keeping this article as factual as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at the different shopping behaviors of men and women so that you can better understand why your boyfriend decided to buy that big flat screen TV instead of a wardrobe for your apartment:

Men Go For Their Favorite Brands While Women Go For Good Shopping Service

In a study done by the Erasmus University, men were found to be more likely to stick to a particular brand if they had a good experience with the brand in the past. So, if a man purchased a pair of Nike sneakers and enjoyed the comfort and looks of the product, he is more likely to purchase sneakers from Nike instead of other brands the next time around.

Women Go For Good Service During Shopping

Women, on the other hand, enjoy good service when it comes to their shopping experience. If a woman enjoyed her shopping experience when in a particular store, she is more likely to return to that store the next time around, regardless of how the product turned out to be.

Men Are Less Aware Of The Risks With Online Shopping Compared To Women

Another point in which women are more attentive when shopping is being aware of the risks involved with online shopping. According to a report published in 2002, women pay more attention to the trustworthiness of a particular website as well as the reviews of other women before making their purchases. Men, however, are more concerned about getting a better deal online instead of their safety when online.

Men Use Facts To Make Shopping Decisions While Women Shop With Emotional Decisions

When it comes to decision making during shopping, men and women are very different. The research into this has found that women require more comprehensive information before they make a decision regarding a purchase. So, most women would read the reviews online, ask a few friends and maybe even post the product on Facebook before making their decisions. Men on the other hand simply look at the information that is provided to them before making their decision.

Men Are Always On A Mission To Finish Shopping While Women Enjoy The Experience

According to research conducted on the shopping trends of men and women, it was found that men tend to shop with a specific mission or goal in mind. However, women, on the other hand, are known to the enjoy the journey of shopping and find fulfillment in the process instead of the end-goal like men. Women are also more likely to adjust their original goals which often results in greater satisfaction while shopping.

Men Are Always On A Mission To Finish Shopping

The reason this occurs is that women are said to have a thicker corpus callosum which allows for the woman to use both sides of the brain for problem-solving while men usually just use the left hemisphere which uses only processed facts and logic thinking. According to experts, this leads to better shopping experience for women rather than men.

Men Are More Interested In A Quick Shopping Experience While Women Love To Peruse

An online shopping study found that women enjoy browsing through many products before deciding on their purchases while men usually just buy the first item that fits the bill which satisfies them. Men are also not as attracted to online sales and discounts as women since they are more concerned about finding a specific item instead of a good bargain through sales.

Men Have Utilitarian Motives While Women Have Hedonic Motives When Shopping

According to a research paper recently published, men have been found to have more utilitarian motives in shopping while women are more hedonic. What this means is that men shop with the motive to get the shopping done as soon as possible (utilitarian) while women shop because they love it (hedonic).

Men are more logical when they search for their preferred item and look at the value the product provides them. So, if a man is searching online for a pair of office going trousers, he knows that he is searching for pants, which are either black or beige, which can be easily washed and pressed, and will last for a reasonable period.

Hedonic Shopping

Women, on the other hand, are more emotional with their shopping. They will consider not just if a skirt is worth the price but also if she has a matching top, how she would look in it, what others would think, and if anyone she knows already owns a pair.

Conclusion On Why He Made That Hideous Purchase

These six points are the reasons why men and women behave differently when they shop online. And while understanding why men shop this way may not change the fact that your boyfriend purchased an unnecessarily large TV, it may at least give you a new perspective when it comes to shopping. So, after reading this list, we are sure that most of you will reassess whether you want to do the holiday shopping yourselves or let him do it instead.

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