Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner

 Relationships are difficult to manage when people do not act responsibly or are mature enough to understand how a relationship works. Standing by your partner and fight for her rights are some basic duties of her partner for a better relationship. Commitment and unconditional love are quintessential. Most of the times it is too late before you realize that you are stuck with a man who cheats a lot and makes women confused and hurt at the same time. But don’t doubt yourself and stop blaming yourself. To catch these cheaters, you need to look for clues or behavior pattern and red flags to be aware of such cheating partners.

Ladies here are some reasons why men cheat in relationships:

1. There Are Some Natural Liars

Some men lie directly to your face without hesitation to make you believe them. They directly look into your eyes and lie about anything but actually they sneak behind your back. They generally lie about everything and beware of these guys and run away before they broke your heart.

These are natural liars and lying nothing but second nature to them. These pathological liars are never good for any kind of relationships, romantic, professional or friendly.

2. Players With Poor Role Models

Some of the men love being a “player” and have a lot of women after them. Love is just a game for these players and they play it recklessly. Do not waste your time on players who have poor role models. If role models of his life were cheaters and liars then he also wants to follow their path.

Having a good role model gives a boost in man’s character to be a faithful partner.

3. Validation To Prove His Manhood

cheating boyfriendMany of men expect validation continuously from others which shows the lack of confidence. They sometimes get carried away with other women, which is sometimes as simple as flirting and sometimes in an intimate relationship. Men feel  the need to prove their manhood during sex, so they always try to have intense or longer sex with a partner. If your guy shows signs of seeking constant validation, you might try better communication to solve this problem.

4. Immature And Need To Be Entertained

Some men are really immature or have dumb friends which force them to behave like them. They want to be entertained even if it means cheating. They try to find same excitement in relation as when you first met. If he is not getting same entertainment then he might go and find it somewhere else.

5. He Wants Something New And Cannot Match To Your Expectations.

Men sometimes feel that they have (won) conquered you then it’s time to try something new. In a relationship, it is ok to have some expectations from your man but keep them realistic. Some of the guys don’t concentrate on desires of their partner and live a self-centered life. Do not hold to these guys and keep low expectations because they will break your heart either way. Let them go, it will be better for you.

6. Emotionally Damaged And Seeks For Power Of Control.

Men actually experience emotional disturbance as women do but they handle it in a different way. Some can suppress their feelings and in exceptional cases, they take anger out on their partner. Some men cheat because they want all the power in a relationship.

If anyone’s trying to dominate you in a relation then simply say last words and walk away.

7. Stay Away From Guys Who Don’t Want To Be  Emotionally Intimate.

Don’t get confused between love and lust. Make sure he understands the difference as well as if he’s avoiding any real intimacy then he’s not sure about being with you. Intimacy can be scary for some guys and they keep a distance from a girlfriend or even wife. They often cheat to avoid intimacy in the relationship. If he is not sure to be intimate emotionally with you, then discuss it.

8. Some Are Born Cheaters

10 reasons men cheatThre are men who are cheaters by birth and lie/cheat compulsively.  Most of these cheaters are victims of emotional abuse, for example, messy divorce or an emotionally distant parent. Genuine guys seek new experience even if they are in love with someone. They admit that they want new experiences in lives even if they are happy in a relationship. It is never a good idea to try and change these men, but sometimes.

9. If He Feels Unappreciated Or Undesirable

If a man feeling unappreciated with constant criticism and blame then he will look for someone with a positive reaction. Men are expected to provide strength and security without an appreciation for it. This can cause bitterness as he simply doesn’t want just to be a provider. A new relationship is full of sweet words and compliments to each other because it really matters in a relationship.

Make sure that you spend quality time with your partner and also appreciate him on a regular basis.

10. If He Knows You Will Never Leave Him

If he wants to get over with you but can’t find any reason then he will simply cheat on you. You expect a lot from him if he has cheated before and still got away with it.

These are some of the most common reasons men cheat. Did you have any similar experience? Let us know down below.

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