Having long luscious hair always lets you have a classic and a versatile look. You can let your long hair hang down and take advantage of this to make various hairstyles. But getting yourself this long luscious hair is not a very easy task. However, with a little care, this is achievable. To maintain strong, healthy hair, you need to keep a great hair care routine. Make use of high-quality hair products to help your hair get strong. You would also require to make some small tweaks to your eating and exercising routine to enhance your hair growth. Give it time and elbow grease, and you should have long hair that you desire. Below mentioned are some points towards changing your hair care routine that would help to promote long hair growth.

Long Hair

  • Be gentle while brushing your hair. Make use of a brush that consists of natural boar bristles. Gently brush your hair right from the tip and move it to the top to de-tangle your dry hair. When it comes to tangles, move the brush very slowly. Do not tear or pull your hair while brushing as it damages the hair.
  • By making use of a hair protectant before brushing you can minimize the problem of split ends.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair as these may lead to hair stands to break.
  • Massage your scalp on an everyday basis. Make use of fingertips to make it gentle and rub them in circular motions. This gives your scalp a soothing effect and increases the blood flow to the scalp. As a result of this hair follicles grow faster.
  • A perfect time for a scalp massage is in the shower as you shampoo your hair.

Scalp Massage

  • If you have dry hair, it is recommended to make use of few drops of oil to the scalp. This helps to prevent too much tugging on the hair.
  • Shampooing of hair needs to be done three times a week. By making use of shampoo on an everyday basis shall lead to getting the hair dry. This leads to slower the hair growth. On other days, it is best only to rinse the hair with water and then make use of a good conditioner. If your hair feels dirty during the week,┬átake advantage of a shampoo on dry hair instead of wetting the hair and then shampooing the same.
  • Make use of a good quality conditioner and use it every time you use shampoo on your hair. Conditioner helps to replenish the lost oils during the shampooing process. Conditioning of the hair is a mandatory process, and you should never neglect it. It is vital to provide replenishment to your hair to keep it active which helps hair growth.
  • Further to regular conditioning, once in a while give your hair the deep conditioning treatment. This adds extra shine and strength to the hair.
  • Place your ponytail at different positions. This helps to prevent breakage of the hair. Also, make use of only cloth covered hair elastic bands.
  • Avoid tying up your hair while it is still wet.

wet hair tying

  • When it comes to drying your hair, make use of a microfiber cloth instead of a towel. When you use a towel to dry your hair, it causes breakages as your hair gets caught in the woven strands. Microfiber cloth is specifically designed for drying hair. This does not allow the breakage of hair to take place.
  • Give your hair a good trim every three months. Do not neglect the tips of your hair for too long as it will lead to causing split ends. These also ride up towards the roots of your hair which further leads to causing damage and slowing the hair growth process. Trimming of your hair every three months shall help it grow faster.
  • Make use of a silk pillow cover. When you use pillowcases which are made of cotton it may feel soft but have a rough effect on the hair. Instead, switch to a silk pillowcase. It will prevent the unwanted friction at the time of sleep.

These are some basic tips you may follow in your daily routine. It will maintain the overall health of your hair and also promote quick and super long hair growth.

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