The skin requires you to keep it hydrated throughout the day to prevent it getting itchy and dry. But does that include applying moisturizer after taking a shower? If asked this question, most women who say that it’s not required as the water is hydrating for the skin. How about you? What do you think?

Is It Necessary To Moisturize After Showering?

Well, if you agreed with the statement and said that you don’t need to moisturize your skin after your shower, you are very mistaken. What most women today are unaware of is that applying skin lotion or skin cream can be most effective after your shower. This is because most skincare products work best when your skin is damp and hydrated. The shower also helps expand your pores to absorb your favorite cream better.

While enjoying the shower after a long day at work, make sure that the water is not scalding hot as this can damage the skin and cause premature skin aging. Also, when you are drying off after, pat dry but don’t scrub your skin with the towel. This is because this can once again damage the skin due to the abrasive texture of the dry towel.

Moisturizer Works Best After Shower

Advice From The Experts On Moisturizing After Your Shower:

According to the experts like the board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Michael Kamine, “Your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet and most moisturizers work best when skin is already hydrated.” He goes on to state that the reason you should use lotion after your shower is that the water from the shower will quickly evaporate, leaving behind the dry skin. This dry skin is not only unpleasant to the feel, but it’s also not appealing to the eyes. Also, dry skin can cause wrinkles and fine lines to become more prominent as well as speed up signs of aging on the skin.

When And How To Apply The Moisturizer?

To avoid all these skin care problems, it’s always best to apply your skin care product on your damp skin after your shower. And we advise applying the lotion to all parts of the body and not just your face and hands. This is because while it’s not visible to other, the rest of your body can get just as dry as your hands and also needs the moisturizing effects of your lotion.

We hope that it’s now clear to you how vital this skincare process is to your skin health. So, now let’s take a look at some of the criteria a good body moisturizer needs to have to give you the best skin without breaking the bank. After we consulted our team on what their tips on getting the right lotion, we have found three points to remember when picking out a moisturizer.

Apply Moisturizer After Your Shower

Consider Getting A Moisturizer With Sun Protection:

While keeping your skin hydrated is important, it’s also essential to protect it from sun rays. Its known that the sun rays contains UVA and UVB rays that can cause men and women to suffer from premature skin aging. This brings about signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, sagging skin and age spots before their typical appearance. Unless you are fully covered when you go out, it’s strongly suggested that you apply a quality broad-spectrum SPF 15 or above sunscreen.

If you have a moisturizer that also acts as a sunscreen, you can also use this before going out. But if you do use a duel moisturizer/sunscreen, remember that you should reapply it every few hours to continue to stay protected. Also, note the time when you shower so that you can keep your skin moisturized and protected from UV rays throughout the day.

While sunscreen can reduce the risk of skin cancer from UV rays, its best to stay in the shade and be fully covered for the best protection. Another bit of advice from the experts suggests that if you aren’t going out in the sun, for example going to bed at night, you can just use a moisturizer that doesn’t contain sunscreen. This can help avoid blocked pores from the sticky sunscreen lotion.

Moisturizer With Sun Protection

Always Look At The Ingredients And Cost Before Buying:

When you check online and in stores, you will find moisturizers ranging from $10 to well over $800 which can make choosing a quality product that much more difficult. The experts suggest that while the more expensive lotion may look and sound more appealing, the higher price doesn’t always equate to a better quality product. Always look for the ingredient list when you get any skincare product. The ingredients are usually the same with different concentrations and mixtures, but a quick search online can help you accurately understand what your money is paying for.

Also, remember to look for fragrances and dyes which make the lotion look and smell pretty but doesn’t help your skin at all. We prefer using unscented moisturizers because they are often the best of the bunch. One last thing to take note of is the packaging which can take a big portion of the cost for many top-end products. After all, a shiny box and a cool bottle aren’t what you need to keep your skin youthful and radiant, right?

Look At The Ingredients And Cost Before Buying

Try Different Moisturizers To Find Your Perfect One:

Don’t just suffer with a low-quality moisturizer just because it’s in front of you. If a particular skincare product is not working for you, it may be time to look for a better fit. And when you search for the next body lotion, don’t hesitate to try a few out before settling on the best one. Skincare is a very personal experience, and not everyone’s skin is the same. So, try out a few different moisturizers one by one and find one that works perfectly for your skin. Also, after you find your perfect moisturizer, make sure to stick to it and don’t change it.

While buying $800 moisturizers to try may be a bit of a reach for most of us, you can read reviews of the products online to see if other women found the product useful or not. Also, some online products also come with trial offers where you don’t have to pay full price unless you like the product. And while there is some cost to this avenue, it can help give you a chance to try out multiple products without paying a premium.

Try Different Moisturizers

The Conclusion On Moisturizing After Your Shower:

As noted, yes, you should moisturize your whole body with moisturizer or lotion after you take a shower and use sunscreen when you go out. It’s also important to pick a quality moisturizer that works well with your skin so that you can maintain your healthy and hydrated skin.

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