Many people experience sinus pain and pressure at some given point of time in their lives and there are many who also recover from this pain without any prescribed medications. Are you aware of the fact that there are various natural remedies to help you offer relief for symptoms that are caused due to common cold, allergies or sinus infection?

What Is The Sinus?

The hollow pockets within the bones surrounding the nose are the sinuses. They are responsible to produce mucus, which drains into the nose. When any inflammation is caused in your nose, it swells as a result of which the sinuses are blocked and this results in causing pain, congestion, post-nasal drip, cough, tooth or even facial pain. The pain can also be acute at times which may last for over four weeks, usually, after the cold subsides or else it can also be chronic which may end up lasting for months or even years without letting you have any symptoms. Certain conditions such as allergies, nasal problems can lead to causing acute and chronic conditions as per the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

Sinus Infection

What Are The Natural Remedies For Sinus Pain Relief?

You may try the below mentioned natural remedies for sinus pain relief. This can help you break the sinus pain cycle.

  • Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is a helpful remedy that helps your body in many ways. It also keeps your sinuses moist. Drink lots of water throughout the day and you can ensure to steer off alcoholic or caffeinated drinks that lead to dehydration. Medical professionals recommend consuming at least 8-ounce glasses of water a day. The best way to know if your body is receiving enough fluids is to check the color of your urine. If the color is clear it means that you are well-hydrated.
  • Steam Remedy: The hot vapors of steam can help you moisten the sinuses. Add a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol in your shower and steam up the entire bathroom. You will notice your sinus pores opening up. Moreover, a hot, steamy shower or bath helps to loosen the mucus that is blocked within your nose.
  • Flush It Out: There is a lot of debate that has been done over sinus pain remedies and as to what has been proven. However, remedies such as the saline spray and washes like the neti pot are nowhere in comparison. A saline wash helps to thin out the mucus and flushes it out of the nasal passages. These washes have been researched and proven to be highly effective and hence should be used as the first line of treatment against sinusitis.
  • Spice Up Your Foods: Foods such as mustard, hot peppers, curry, horseradish, and wasabi are spicy and may help you overcome your sinuses by clearing them. If you are fond of spicy food, consider adding hot spices to your meals which will help to open your nasal passages.

Sinus Treatments

  • Humidifier: Make use of a humidifier as it helps to keep the air moist. Make sure to keep it clean specifically if you are prone to allergies. A dirty humidifier can lead to breeding mold. It is also recommended to make use of humidifiers only during dry months and not when it is already humid. Also, ensure to check the humidity levels in your room. The ideal level should be 35%-50%. If the windows begin to get fogged it means that the humidity levels are too high.
  • Warm Compression Application: You can make use of a warm compress as it helps to keep your nasal tissues moist. You may also fill a deep bowl or a pot of steaming hot water and place your face above it by making use of a towel around your head such that you are able to breathe the steam in.  Ensure to be careful while doing this as you can burn yourself by mistake. You may also follow up the warm compress along with a cold compress as it helps to overcome sinus pain.
  • Make Your Home Allergy-Proof: Allergies are responsible to aggravate sinus pain. As per the latest guidelines provided by American Academy Of Otolaryngology states that by keeping the home clean and getting rid of dust mites, installing an air filter system, making use of bedding with allergen barriers, and keeping the pets out of the bedroom helps to keep nasal allergies under control.
  • Try Bromelain: You can find this on market shelves and is in the form of a supplement. Bromelain is a protein which is derived from pineapple stems. This has been used since years in the past as it helps to reduce swelling. But just to clarify this and to be sure, check with your doctor first because bromelain may tend to interact with other medications that you may be taking. Also, ensure to follow the exact dosage instructions.
  • Antibiotics Should Be Your Last Option: By making use of antibiotics on a regular basis may lead to causing antibiotic resistance and also the development of superbugs. Moreover, they may also not be as effective in treating most cases of sinuses. Medical research states that less than two percent of these infections are caused due to bacteria’s and viral which should be treated without antibiotics. There are times when the doctor suggests a seven-day waiting period without providing you with any antibiotic dosages just to see if you can get better on your own.  As per a study conducted in 2012, for acute sinusitis, people who took antibiotics did not get great relief and they ended up getting only small benefits by end of day 7. Whereas the quality of life improved over a 10-day treatment plan in patients who received both placebo and antibiotic.
  • Plan The Doctor Visit At The Right Time: If your sinus pain is persistent and does not improve over the time, your doctor can perform a CT scan of the nose and the sinuses. This will allow him to look for anatomical blockages which can be treated in a surgical manner. If your sinus pain lasts for a week or this may result in fever and you should see an ENT specialist as you may require a medical treatment rather than natural remedies.

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