List of Top Gift Ideas For Men

Every year it is a dilemma most women face as to what to gift the boyfriend, brother, or even your husband. It becomes tough for most women to understand what men would like and appreciate as gifts when given to them. Well, as you continue reading this article, you might get a sense of relief as you are going to find below this cheat sheet that could help you. Below mentioned are some gifting ideas for men that could assist you in choosing and understanding their taste when it comes to gifts.


Buying the usual gifts at all times tends to get boring as there is not much for you to gain appreciation in the process. So here is an option specifically that you may choose if you are fishing for compliments towards your gift. Take your friend out for a nice fancy lunch or dinner. Ensure that it is his favorite restaurant and cuisine and allow him to order his favorite food and after that slowly sneak in an order for yourself too. This is the easiest gift, and he will enjoy it thoroughly with all his heart. After all the saying is so true, ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

Fancy Dinner
Fund It:

Another unique gifting idea for men is to pay for one of his dates. There is a surprising way of doing this. You can make use of a little coupon which your friend can redeem in the case he requires your help towards setting up his date. You may cover the bill, and the cab ride back home. This is a highly customizable gifting idea which he will enjoy thoroughly. You may also add a long list of terms and conditions just to customize the gift more and to annoy your friend by having some fun.


This is a personal gift, and for something like this to work, you should know your friend very well. Every man is different and has a particular type and choice. Men love scotch, so the perfect gift would be to give them their favorite brand of whiskey. However, this is not too simple a gift and-and definitely not a cheap option. But it will surely be worth especially when you see the look and expression on his face. There is an easy way to find out which brand to buy. Just try to recollect the particular type and brand of alcohol which was ordered by your friend at the last party. That’s it! That is the same bottle you need to purchase. If your friend is fond of scotch, the very obvious choice would be Single Malt Glen Morangie.

Glenmorangie Whisky
Hug It Out:

This may sound silly and little offbeat but one of the best gifts men love is a plain and a simple hug. Let him know how special he is to you. Take him out shopping. There are many things men are great at, and one of those is to be dragged along for shopping and wait patiently till you get done. Find him a perfect tee shirt with the right amount of class along with the required dorkiness in it.

Photo Collage:

This is yet another personalized and customized gift you can make for your friend. Collect all his childhood photographs. Get in touch with his family and his close friends in a secretive way. Let them know about the surprise you are working on and they will help you providing the photographs. Collect his childhood, school and college pictures. Get all the pictures you can get and make a beautiful collage out of it. You may frame the same and gift it to him. This would surely bring tears to his eyes.

Gents Accessories:

Men love stylish accessories. So probably you could get him a fancy belt buckle or a set of fashionable socks. However, if you have a bigger budget, then you could choose from shades to fancy watches for your friend.

Fancy Watches
Adventure Trip:

If he is into adventure sports, then you could plan some fun activities keeping this in mind. Go paragliding or parasailing or even water rafting is extremely adventurous and fun activity. Depending on what he likes to do the most, plan accordingly and surprise him.

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