Is Your Favorite Superfood Increasing Your Weight?

There is quite a strong possibility that you are having a glass of super green protein smoothie as breakfast along with a health and big portion of avocado and quinoa salad for lunch and probably snack on a bag of walnuts during in between breaks, which makes you feel proud of yourself. No doubt that you should feel proud because all this clean eating has helped your skin glow and at the end of it you feel truly virtuous. But what happens when you find out that even with the great feeling, your jeans seems to be getting tighter. It is obvious thought that occurs “how did this happen?” You have been eating a nutritious food all the while and still ended up gaining weight. So have you been under the wrong impression all through the while and as many of you think that the way to get lean is to eat clean.

Clean Eating:

You are also just like many have misunderstood the clean eating concept . Clean eating does not mean that you are dieting. It is the kind of lifestyle that you choose to lead. While all these years of low-calorie, low-fat foods along with artificial sweeteners which probably is the reason for your high blood sugar levels, hence at this point clean eating proves to be the sensible choice towards taking care of your body.

Any unprocessed foods that you consume are considered as super foods. They are also known as high potency foods and hence you need to consume very little of it. For e.g. walnuts 3-4 walnuts a day is more than enough. The fact that you have decided to eat clean does not mean those foods are calorie free. There are clean foods which have higher calories than any junk or sugary foods too. The key secret is to manage quality foods along with quantity management.

Recipe For Success:

There is a strong possibility to gain weight by eating large quantities of super foods. There is a fitness thumb rule which clearly states that one glass of green juice should be consumed along with one super food powder a day. You can also choose to eat limited quantities of fruits and obtain the good fats from half an avocado during breakfast. Coconut oil is also something which needs to vary. It consists of medium chain fatty acids and hence it can be easily digested and also has the properties to enhance your body metabolism by 10%. Learn the knack of quantity management. Instead of 2 table spoons of super foods, just ensure to refrain to one table spoon a day.

Speaking of sweets, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that black bean brownies are a rich source of iron, folate and magnesium. It is made using 100 grams of low – GI which is an unrefined form of coconut palm sugar. All said and done sugar should be reserved only as treats and not as a regular dish in your everyday diet.

It is a good fat that the awareness of health, fitness and diet has found its way through your body. But ensure to do it the right way or else you will not gain any positive health benefits. Eat clean, go lean and live healthy.

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