The Paleo Diet has been making the rounds as off-late with trying this new diet plan a cool new trend. But does it truly work? What are its advantages? And is it really possible to get through this diet without relapsing? To find out the answers to these vital questions regarding The Paleo Diet, we did the research, talked to women who have gone through this diet and have summarized our findings here.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet is a nutrition-based diet that only allows you to eat the healthiest of foods which can help you get lean, strong and full of energy. There are thousands of success stories of women who have achieved beautify bodies including Victoria Secret’s models like Miranda Kerr, Martha Hunt, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Irina Shaik. This diet doesn’t contain any forms of dairy, soy, grains, and legumes while some variations of the diet allowing you to drink alcohol, in moderation of course. The principle behind The Paleo Diet is to use a scientifically approach at nutrition, theoretically, providing you the faster method of effective weight loss.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the points our researchers have come up with that you should be made aware of before you jump on The Paleo Diet bandwagon:

Various Paleo Diet Experts With Various Confusing Guidelines

Because of the latest trend amongst celebs following a particular The Paleo Diet or another, there are quite a few experts who preach the right way to The Paleo Diet with no official guideline that you can follow for this diet. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion as to the variation of The Paleo Diet you want to follow. But this can be solved by simply picking a diet plan and sticking to it without worrying about what the rest of the world is doing.

The Paleo Diet Doesn’t Equate To Weight Loss

If you search online for Paleo recipes, you can find all sorts of neat and tasty dishes you can’t wait to get home and try yourselves. However, not all Paleo diets are created equal. The point is that you can find recipes and foods that are technically sound and follow The Paleo Diet but contain other additives and ingredients that work against the logic of weight loss. For example, you can find Paleo fudge and cake recipes online with can be counted as Paleo but are heavy on the natural sweeteners like maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Pre-Make Your Meals For Easier Weight Loss

Yes, you can better lose weight with making your meals ahead of time. This is because if you have already cooked your meals for the week. And by doing so, you don’t have to think about what to cook every evening after work, removing the temptation of relapsing into a lazy pizza or a microwave meal.

Too Much Of Something Good Can Be Bad For Your Weight

Most Paleo diet plans don’t come with a handy portion size recommendation which can be a real big problem if you are someone who likes to eat until they are well and truly stuffed full. What our researchers found was that because of the loose restrictions of portion size, many women failed to lose weight with The Paleo Diet because they simply ate more of the healthy meals they pre-made.

Another Confusion Regarding Drinking Alcohol

As mentioned before, depending on which diet plan you go for, you are suggested to either decrease or stop drinking alcohol, beer especially which is known to increase body fat due to the high sugar content. This loose restriction of alcohol can be a good thing because drinking is a personal choice and often a stress reliever for many women. A glass of red with your meal can be very soothing and can help you get through the remainder of the days you have to complete The Paleo Diet.

Restaurants Don’t Serve Paleo Friendly Foods

If you are going out to eat with your partner or some friends, it can be difficult to find something on the menu that is Paleo friendly. This can often lead to compromises like ordering a separate meal which asking to hold off on the cheese and gravy, which can be a real bother and doesn’t guarantee a tasty meal either. Many Paleo dieters have found that it’s easier to eat their home-cooked, Paleo friendly meals instead of eating out.

Even Your Favourite Foods Can Be Replaced With Paleo Alternatives

Almost anyone who has difficulty losing weight can put part of the blame on their midnight snacking habit. This is usually junk foods like crisps, soda, and cheese to name a few. A good tip to help with your Paleo journey is not resisting that urge to eat a snack after dinner. But this snack should be a fruit like bananas or green apples instead of your usual Pringles and soda. Many have stated that eating an apple as a late night snack is as fulfilling as eating ice-cream or chips.

Junk Food Doesn’t Taste The Same After The Paleo Diet

Many women, who have successfully lost weight with The Paleo Diet, decide to treat themselves with their favorite fast food like a pizza or a burger. However, many have stated that they don’t find the taste of their onetime favorite foods to be as appealing after going on a diet. Experts have hypothesized that by avoiding fast foods for some time, your body gets used to surviving without them. The best part about this is that you won’t experience any cravings for that extra-cheese pizza you used to binge on during the weekends.

Results Can Be Evident Quickly, Or Not

If you do everything right, as in eat right, drink right and live right, you are bound to lose that extra fat on your gut in no time. Some women have noticed a drop in weight in just a few days which is possible if you cut down on your drinking and combine The Paleo Diet with a mild workout routine during your day. The success stories are plenty with the internet full of motivating cases where women have lost tens of pounds using The Paleo Diet. Unfortunately, there are also those who didn’t manage to lose weight due to various reasons including incorrect diet plans, disproportional meal portions and lack of exercise. Our researcher has shown that The Paleo Diet can work well at helping you lose weight, whether you try The Paleo Diet and succeed entirely up to you.

Should You Go For The Paleo Diet Or Opt-Out Of This Latest Trend?

Depends on what you want out of this diet. If you are looking for an easy solution to weight loss that will get you lean and trip in no time, this is not for you. If you want a magic pill solution that will dissolve your fat and get you a flat stomach, this is not for you. However, if you think you can seriously follow the guidelines of The Paleo Diet while resisting the urge to quit, this might be the right weight loss method for you.

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