How To Get Lean And Toned Body

The fitness factor in women today is increasing by the day and more women seek for ways and means to getting leaner and having the perfect body. Below mentioned are some general tips that you can adhere towards getting leaner for aesthetic and enhancement of overall performance.

Intake Of Calories:

If you have a body weight of around 200lbs it means that your total consumption of calories per day is about 1200 cal. This is not enough but at the same time if does not mean that you opt to eat fried / junk foods to gain weight. You need to choose right foods such as rich intake of proteins. The formula you need to follow with regards to calorie intake is your bodyweight multiply by 10 to 12. So for 200lbs of weight you will have to 200lbs x 10 = 2000cal.

The immediate thought that would cross your mind probably is that this is a lot of food. But this is an incorrect thought. By starving yourself to lose weight will just get you small. Being lean is being fit and it is the healthy way to go about. You need to give your body a good definition, a shape to your arm and abs.

Calorie intake is just one small part that enters your body. The body mechanism is a smart machine with a high intelligence level. You may cheat a couple times but it is your body that learns to overcome what you do with it. Your body learns to fight under eating with whatever little you provide it with after which you end up with a cardio session and increase your heart rate. But unfortunately this will not work towards providing you with required results.

Cut Down On Carbs:

By cutting down on carbs does not mean you refrain from consuming them completely. By choosing to not eat any carbs will set your body on a complete failure mode. Hence you need to first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you realise how much of carbs you consume on a daily basis?
  • Do you maintain a dairy to note what food you consume?
  • Do you check health and fitness sites such as or
  • Do you have a good knowledge on what foods are under the category of high carbs?

So you firstly need to reduce foods which are high in sugar category for e.g. candy, cakes, pies, etc. There are so fruits which are high in sugar too. However fruits are also considered as best dietary foods but they are forms of natural sugar and too much consumption will lead to getting fat. Cut down on processed foods like pasta and potatoes.

There is another myth which many women feel that brown rice and pasta and whole grain breads are exactly similar to the white counterparts. Yes this is a correct myth but the only difference is that they contain more fiber and are easy to digest. So the insulin spike is limited but they still come under the carbs category which can cause fat in case of overeating.

Hence to begin with you need to start to drop down carbs for about 25-30% carbs in your daily diet. Start from there and to be more aware of your daily food intake it is best if you maintain a food log. This awareness will make you more responsible of what goes into your mouth.

Proteins Should Become Your New Best Friend:

The rich source of protein is beef, chicken, turkey, etc which, are also known as lean meats. Enhanced protein intake will help you gain lean muscle mass. It is the best source to maintain high levels of metabolism in your body. So to add more lean muscle mass gain, increase protein intake by 40% in the start. You will notice amazing results for yourself.

Thus this is a brief idea with regards to the nutrition factors towards getting lean. However you need to compliment the foods with a good routine of strength training and cardio workouts. Get lean and stay fit and be the woman you want to be.

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