There is a popular saying ‘Diamonds Are a Woman’s Best Friend’ which is so true because it is well observed that the best way to please any woman is to present her with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Women consider Jewelry to be the ultimate item which completes their entire look. There is no research of explanation that has been shown for this sense of satisfaction that prevails in women with regards to their want for jewelry. Their love for jewelry has been there since ancient times and is growing in popularity with time as per the latest trend and styles currently available in the market. This is considered as an important ornament which allows you to make an striking impression in any special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc.

Even a simple piece of jewelry can make heads turn around and compliment you on your overall look. By adding jewelry to your daily attire you not only look fabulous, but also feel more confident and stylish. Jewelries that are available in the market are of various types for e.g. bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, chains, watches and pendants which goes to show that there is a great variety of jewelries that are available and of various price ranges too.

Diamonds and platinum are considered to be the most expensive out of the lot where as silver comes under the affordable category by most people. As per modern times, today jewelry is not only considered as a fashion statement, but also proves to be a part of investment that serves you with safety in utter emergency. Since it is expensive, in case of emergency the jewelry will fetch you a good price with regards to the money needed.

Traditional jewelry is considered as a symbol of wealth, power and status. However for every occasion you need to ensure to match your attire with the right kind of jewelry. For example, for a specific formal function, style up using light jewelry and for a wedding making use of heavy jewelry makes an impressive impression. You should stick to using small and colorful earrings at office which lets you have a professional look.

Thus being Women, you are a powerful and important part of the society and jewelry is an important part of you so you need to make sure to pamper your look by choosing the right jewelry that suits your face. By ensuring to style yourself by choosing the right jewelry that suits your face is as significant as choosing to right clothing that suits the shape of your body. Therefore you need to understand the shape of your face prior to shopping jewelry for yourself. Below mentioned tips will help you understand the right way you need to shop for your jewelry as per the shape of your face. These tips have been provided by experts who have immense sense of fashion and as you continue reading this post it will prove to be extremely beneficial for you to understand the jewelry fashion in the true sense.

  • Round Face: For someone who has a round face, should choose wearing a long necklace which goes below the neckline and compliment this with long chandelier or straight earrings. Some women who have round face and choose to use round shaped earrings makes them look old and do not suit the shape of the face. You can also pick up different shapes of earrings such as square or even oval. However it has been well observed that a tear drop shaped earring suits the best to a round face.
  • Oval Face: This is that face shape that proves to have a lot of versatility that can be tried with regards to jewellery. Both long and short necklaces can be carried off by women who have oval face. You can also make use of different kinds of earrings like big hoops or even danglers. However if you choose to wear danglers they need to be in an angular shape which looks the best and suits the oval face.
  • Square Face: Use contrasting jewelry as this compliments the length of your face. Chokers allow you to have the perfect look by adding short or round earrings to match the choker. Even button style earrings allow you with a classy look.
  • Heart Face: This means that your chin area is narrow and hence short necklaces of chokers are the appropriate type of jewelry that flatters your face. Refrain from using danglers of teardrop earrings as this gives you an elongated look and makes you lose out on portraying a sharp jaw line feature.

Thus as you can see that fashion is not only about choosing to wear the right clothes and make up. It is an overall package with includes the right use of jewelry as well. So learn to understand the shape of your face and shop accordingly. Look powerful and beautiful by complimenting your face with the right kind of jewelry.

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