It is a recently noticed fact that there are many of you women out there who are scratching their head and just wondering what is the appropriate size do they need to be aiming for in weight and size issue. So what is the so-called ‘Normal’ Size or what is the exact average size?

To gain answers to these questions, you need to have a look at particular facts. The average American today is around 5’4” and has the waist size of 34-35 inches. She would also probably weight anywhere between 140-150lbs having a dress size of 12-14. If you take a look of about fifty years ago, the average woman at that time was about 5’3-4” with a waist size of about 24-25, ” and she weighed around 120lbs having a dress size of 8. Interestingly over the past twenty years, fashion models are wearing sizes which have dropped from size 8 to 0. Every generation brought about a set of changes in the clothing sense. But today, keeping women’s needs in mind, mainly because women have gotten larger, designers have manipulated sizes such that even the larger sizes are marked smaller. For e.g a size 8 dress in 1950’s is now a size 4 dress in today’s scenario. Most women are brand conscious and jump from various brand to brand that helps to fill their closet with all sizes of clothes.

Average American Women Size


What Would Be A Healthy And Appropriate Size For You?

This is a question to which the answer lies in the list of the key indicators. These indicators are namely:

  • Be aware of your waist size: Make use of a tape measure and measure your waist. By measuring across your belly button, you get to know your waist size. The goal should be to have a waist circumference less than 35”. Apart from letting you have a feel-good factor, having too much belly fat is also unhealthy for your body. You can get heart diseases or even diabetes by storing belly fat in your body.
  • Understand the shape of your body: Give a good look at yourself in front of the mirror and embrace your hourglass, pear or the apple shape. Your genetics will also play a significant role in this matter. You need to learn the knack of enhancing these genetics. Till the time your waist size is 35” things are ok. Apples are required to be on a red alert rein that waist in to promote good health. Pears help you figure out that lower body fat is made to associate with any disease.
  • Time to measure your body fat: Make use of a body fat scare of seeking help of a fitness professional to get a health analysis checkup done at an excellent health club. To maintain a healthy body, the average woman should maintain the body fat in the range of about 20-29%. This should be maintained until the time they get menopause. After that time the body fat can range from maximum 32% through the age of 60. Too much of body fat all over the body is the reason to increase the risk for women to get breast cancer. Too much on inner abdominal fat also causes heart attacks and diabetes.
  • Calculation of your BMI: It is best recommended to keep your body BMI in the range of 20-25. If the BMI is higher, it is associated with the consequences that are caused due to overweight and obesity. You also need to know that if it falls in the lower range, this means that you are too thin and headed for another set of health complications. Athletics and muscular people are considered as the only exception to the BMI rule. The meaning of this is that their BMI may be higher than normal, but the body fat is usually lower than the average range.
  • Best remedy is to lead a healthy lifestyle: If you manage to eat a healthy diet and blend it with a 30 minute of cardio activity for a week and also with some form of strength training, this means you are living an optimal lifestyle. One is aware of the fact that no one is perfect but living a sedentary lifestyle at all times which comprises of eating trash 24/7 is just leading to hazardous health conditions. Unhealthy lifestyle is a fraught that leads to increased disease risk. Moreover, you will never be able to understand your ideal clothing size since your body shape will keep changing unless you decide to make better lifestyle choices. These are healthy habits that shall help to correct the red zones which are currently being occupied right now.
  • Keep a tab on your clothing size: put on the best pair of dress for example jeans that fit you perfectly. Now, look and gauge for yourself on how the other numbers look. If you find that the fit is on a higher range that you need to shed the excess fat by rectifying your unhealthy lifestyle and choosing to make the healthy decisions. This will help you change your clothing size as you will be able to get the body back into perfect shape. By ensuring your body not being in the red zone of health risk, begin to start looking for clothes and that is where you would rightly belong. The best way to enhance the size of your clothes is to take it up a notch by adding vigorous intensity to your exercising. This shall help you shed away the excess calories.

The conclusion is that a healthy body help to nestle you somewhere in between the extremes of fashionable scary looking skeletons and frank obesity. Ensure to take the right decisions and do the work to become healthy. And while you are busy at it, this will help you define your sense of beauty.

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