Hair Care Hacks

Women today are well familiar with hair woes. However every type of hair can use a little boost that will help you have a sleek look or even help you shorten the morning hair routine. Below mentioned are some clever tips that will help you provide proper attention towards hair care on an everyday basis. Rather than struggling with your hair it is best to make use of these hair care secrets.

Ensure To sleep well with proper hair style. It is important that you take good care of your hair even while you are asleep. It is not very time consuming and can be easily done. Make use of a satin pillow case. The sleek fabric of satin helps to tame the flyaway hairs. The satin also provides you with a bonus benefit of anti aging as it helps to eliminate those ugly morning wrinkles.


Carry a short hairdo as it convenient to handle. The term ‘Clippers’ definitely comes in handy. If you think short hair suits your personality, choose to have a no-nonsense hairstyle. Short hair does not require too much of maintenance. However, this is a bold fashion statement and not every woman is comfortable wearing a short hairstyle look.

Comb your hair even when you are in the shower. Hair experts clearly recommend making use of a wide-tooth comb once you apply conditioner to your hair. This needs to be done while you are in the shower. This will help to reduce tangles and is extremely useful nevertheless, your hair being straight or curly. Not many women are aware of this secret, but by adhering to do this, it will work to be extremely beneficial for hair care.

Never over-wash your hair. Many of you do not require a hair wash on daily basis. In case you have thick hair, it is advised to wash only thrice a week. Initially, you may experience the roots of your hair getting oily. But eventually, your hair will be used to this process and the oil will settle down.


The best option towards hair care is to wash your hair prior to bed time and style the same during morning hours. Hair always styles in a better manner by holding the heat especially when it is not fresh out of the shower. Therefore, it is recommended to wash and blow-dry your hair prior to sleep time. This will allow your hair to have better texture next day morning and you can easily curl it or straighten it well.

Go easy on the hair curls. Make use of a soft material or microfiber towel to dry off the curls using a turban as soon as you step out of the shower. This will ensure the curls to avoid the frizzy look, if you manage to avoid touching them.  Some of you might consider this looking funny; however, it gives your curls a chance to set well.

Tie your hair in a pony tail fashion to get natural and big waves. Tie up a high pony tail to dry hair. You can then choose to use a curling iron and curl your hair throughout in small chunks. Free your hair down from the pony tail. This will allow the different lengths of hair in each curled section of the ponytail create natural and big waves.

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