Everyone remembers their major fashion mistakes like they happened yesterday.

I still remember my wardrobe choices in high school and cringe every time I go through those old photos on Facebook.

But so what? I’ve grown out of that awkward phase and now make much better fashion sense (for the most part).

Fashion Mistakes

Anyway, I just wanted to note down 12 fashion mistakes you should avoid making.

These don’t require you to replace your wardrobe either. Just make sure the right dress goes with the right accessory and shoes, and you’re golden.

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1) You Think High Heels Aren’t For Taller Women:

Fashion Mistakes - Heels For Taller Women

This misunderstanding stems from old social norms where being tall wasn’t consider feminine.

However, I have to say that this is a whole load of BS that you should just forget.

Taller women who are six feet tall can wear heels while looking stunning in the process.

2) You Trust The ‘Dry Clean Only’ Tags:

Fashion Mistakes - Dry Clean Only

Don’t think that expensive brands all need to be dry cleaned only, even if that’s what the tag says.

It’s a fact that many of these brands only mislabel their clothes so that you feel that you are getting a premium product.

However, many clothes can go in your washer and don’t require a professional dry cleaner. Avoid this fashion mistake to save yourself a lot of coin over time.

3) You Think That Only Men Can Wear Menswear:

Fashion Mistakes - Menswear

While menswear is designed for men, they can also be worn by women.

So, the next time you are in Forever 21, Zara, or H&M, take a look at their made-for-men products to see which one fits your style.

Avoiding this faction mistake can bring a touch of masculinity, further accenting your femininity.

4) You Always End Up Buying The Same Sized Clothes:

Fashion Mistakes Buying The Same Sized Clothes

Say that your size is a Large at H&M and you are shopping in another store, do you buy Large as well?

Well, not necessarily.

All brands and clothing stores have varying sizes. So, don’t just look at the size label and buy the item. Try it on, see if it fits perfectly, and then buy it.

5) You Think That White Isn’t Suited For Fall And Winter:

Fashion Mistakes - Isn’t Suited For Fall And Winter

Some women think that you can’t wear white after the weather turns chilly.

However, our fav celebs have proven that white can be modern and fresh, year-round.

That said, avoid lighter textiles like linen, cotton, and canvas while wearing white in winter. Instead, pick some mohair, silk, cashmere, and wool when picking white this winter.

6) You Believe That You Can Only Wear A Single Bold Color At A Time:

Fashion Mistakes - Color-Blocking

These days, the color-blocking phenom is all the craze. This is where you wear a bold color and pair it with another bold color.

So, if you had a neon yellow top, you could pair that with a bright green skirt to look bright and sexy.

Avoid this fashion blunder, and you will open your wardrobe selection to a whole range of possibilities.

7) You Don’t Make Retro Look Chic:

Fashion Mistakes - Do Retro Correctly

Fashion trends indeed cycle after a decade or so. But this doesn’t mean that you should wear your mom’s old dress and consider it retro.

You don’t want to look like you are in costume or just shopped at the Salvation Army, right?

The goal is to pair some oldie retro pieces with some modern staples like skinny jeans, cropped leather jacket, and pointy heels.

8) You Think That Stripes Look Horrible:

Fashion Mistakes - Horizontal Lines

You may think that wearing all horizontal lines makes you look wide. But this is not true at all.

While skintight clothes that fit those size zero models may look attractive on them, it doesn’t flatter everyone.

However, picking a well-fitted cotton Breton striped shirt on dark jeans can help you pull off the horizontal lines. A full-skirt with horizontal strips can also look good on most women.

9) You Find Mixed Prints To Be Too Much For The Eyes:

Fashion Mistakes - Mixed Prints

For some people, wearing mixed prints can feel like they are trying to overdo it.

However, you can wear mixed prints and make it look fresh and street-style.

You should also consider wearing a camouflage belt, shoes, or bag to accent the picked mixed prints.

10) You Find Shopping To Be A Drag And Haven’t Upgraded Your Wardrobe In Ages:

Fashion Mistakes - Intrest In Mixed Prints

You may not love shopping for the latest trends online. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t like looking decent in public either, right?

So, while you may be partial to some styles, these styles also come with some minor upgrades over the years.

For example, swapping your boot-cut pants with a slim-fit pair can make a big difference in your appeal.

11) You Buy Your Wardrobe To Look Good On Instagram:

Fashion Mistakes - Buy Your Wardrobe To Look Good On Instagram

Instagram is now a part of almost every woman out there. So, it isn’t surprising to find that many women are now buying things just to post on their Instagram.

Just ask yourself if you bought that new LV bag for its use or just to show the world you bought it?

If you are buying for Instagram likes, you may have to reevaluate a few of your shopping habits if you don’t want to go broke soon.

12) You Think That You Can Only Wear Sweatshirts As Casual Wear:

Fashion Mistakes - Sweatshirts As Casual Wear

Once upon a time, you could only wear sweatshirts if you were going to the gym.

However, nowadays, sweatshirts have become chic, and everyone’s trying to match theirs with their fav skirt.

So, start using sweatshirts outside of the gym while looking sway.

In the end, these are just some of the fashion mistakes you should look out for and avoid. Doing so will help you maximize your appeal and help you prevent fashion blunders.

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