Euzema is a skin health product that’s being promoted online as a powerful eczema-healing cream.

I stumbled onto Euzema Cream by accident when I was looking for information on home-remedies to cure eczema.


My search told me that eczema does not have a known cure, and only anti-histamines, steroids, and moisturizers can keep it at bay.
I wasn’t just looking for this cure for myself, but for my 3-year-old nephew who has atopic dermatitis.

When I read up on Euzema, I thought that this was a big scam that promoted a fake product for profit. However, to my surprise, I found several real user testimonials of how they and their loved ones were able to get their eczema under control.

So, I dived into this topic to find out everything there is about and its supposed ability to heal eczema.

This article is a Euzema cream review that was written as a compilation of my research, thoughts, and conclusions.

Additionally, there is no need for you to blindly follow my words either as you can read more about Euzema from the founder, Gary Tan, on his website.

Quick Summary Of What I Found On Euzema’s Official Site:

You can check out the official website for yourself, but here are the points that stood out for me:

  • The website has tons of real user testimonials, all with before and after pictures.
  • These guys claim to have a 93% success rate.
  • There are videos of eczema suffers, telling their stories on how Euzema cured their skin conditions.
  • It claims to stop the non-stop itching and remove the scars.
  • The site points out the dangers of steroid creams.
  • It discusses Realgar and Trisenox (Arsenic Trioxide) and their skin health benefits.
  • The site promotes Euzema cream and its use of Realgar to attack eczema-causing toxins to cure the health problem.
  • It claims Euzema to be a 100% safe and steroid-free eczema treatment.
  • The site provides the current price as the option to buy Euzema online.

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What Is Euzema Confidence Revival Cream?

Euzema is a non-steroidal cream that combats eczema using natural herbs and minerals.

It may seem far-fetched, but this product claims to have achieved the impossible and found a permanent cure for the eczema skin condition.

In fact, they even had their cream independently tested for steroids.

Okay, Euzema cream has three goals:

  • Stop the non-stop itching.
  • Soothe the irritated skin and reduce the redness.
  • Heal and repair cracked/damaged skin.

To achieve these results, it makes use of a mineral called Realgar as the core ingredient. This is the mineral that used to eliminate the eczema-causing toxins in the skin.

Additionally, other natural herbs and minerals are also used as supporting ingredients. These components contain anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral, moisturizing, anti-toxic, pain relieving, and anti-bacterial attributes.

All these Euzema ingredients are packed in a single jar of fast-absorbing cream that costs $97 plus shipping.

Euzema Cream Ingredients:


Realgar is an arsenic sulfide mineral. It’s used in traditional Chinese medicine using it to treat rashes, swelling, itching, abscesses, and other common skin problems. In Euzema, Realgar combats atopic dermatitis (eczema) by eliminating the toxins that cause the skin condition. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects to reduce the swelling and itching that comes with eczema.

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis):

Licorice RootLicorice root is well-documented to be a natural remedy for several skin problems. It works by moisturizing the skin while promoting skin relief, healing, and repair. It’s antiviral and anti-allergic effects also combat eczema, along with other skin conditions.


Aquilaria Agallocha:

Aquilaria AgallochaAquilaria Agallocha is clinically proven to reduce swelling by up to 68.94% during eczema flare-ups. In addition, it also comes with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that support the other ingredients in the fight against eczema.

Bambusa Vulgaris:

Bambusa VulgarisBambusa Vulgaris is used to soothe the irritated and raw skin using its anti-swelling properties and its natural cooling wax. It also possesses a high moisturizing response (88.8%) and several natural minerals. The list of minerals in Bambusa Vulgaris includes Iron, Thiamine, Calcium, Riboflavin, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, and Niacin.

Angelica Dahurica:

Angelica DahuricaAngelica Dahurica contains anti-bacterial components that are proven to combat bacteria staphylococcal. It also helps remove toxins and pus from the skin while reducing inflammation and swelling. It eases your eczema flare-ups and improving your skin’s health.


BorneolBorneol can help speed up the healing of damaged skin tissue while reducing itching and pain caused by eczema. It is also found that it can effectively relieve chronic and inflammatory pain as it’s a known acute pain reducer.


FrankincenseFrankincense is proven to reduce skin redness and skin irritation by clinical studies. It improves skin texture by reducing the eczema-caused scarring. This ingredient is also known to be a remedy for infected sores, bruises, and other skin conditions.

Trichosanthes Kirilowii Fruit:

Trichosanthes Kirilowii FruitTrichosanthes Kirilowii Fruit is another scientifically proven ingredient that is capable of reducing significant inflammations of the skin. Additionally, it’s also capable of improving the immune system and improving skin tone. Along with its ability to heal and repair the skin tissue, this ingredient is a good addition to this skincare cream.

Which Euzema Benefits Do These Ingredients Promote?

  • Euzema reduces eczema symptoms and prevents flare-ups.
  • Uses minerals, herbs, and other nutrient-packed ingredients to heal eczema.
  • Promotes anti-bacterial protection to reduce eczema flare-ups and infections.
  • Stops non-stop itching by soothing the skin and alleviating the skin redness.
  • Soothes the skin with a cooling effect without using any steroids.
  • Heals the scars and repairs the damaged skin cells for improved skin texture.
  • Improves skin hydration and moisture retention for better skin health.
  • Gives you better sleep due to fewer cases of your eczema flaring up.
  • Improves self-confidence by controlling the public eczema episodes.

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Who Can Use Euzema Skincare Cream?

Most skin care products and creams sold online claim to be designed especially for adults. However, this is often marketed this way because these companies just haven’t gotten their products tested for children and infants.

In the case of Euzema, many infants and children have experienced dramatic reductions in their eczema.

Many of the before and after pictures are uploaded on the testimonials page on the official website. 

Euzema Reviews

So, it’s clear that Euzema is free to be used by anyone looking to get rid of their eczema. However, if you are still unsure of using it, just talk to your dermatologist for advice.

What’s The Recommended Euzema Dosage?

No set dosage needs to be followed with Euzema Skin Serum/Cream.
All you have to do is apply the cream on the affected area of the skin regularly. People have found that just a few applications can show results.

However, if you want to get rid of your eczema permanently, you will need to use the cream for at least 4-6 months.

In fact, if you are looking for an instant cure for your skin condition, you are going to be disappointed with this product.

But if you are willing to be patient and use a product for a few months to see results, Euzema is worth the price.

Euzema Results

Who Makes Euzema?

Mr. Gary Tang founded Euzema Skincare in 2003 to give people a permanent solution to suffering from eczema. The company is based in Malaysia and provide worldwide shipping.

Contact details for the makers of Euzema:

User Testimonials And Euzema Reviews Online:

After having reviewed hundreds of products over the years, I found this to be the one with the greatest number of user reviews on its website.
If you are even a little skeptical about the effects of Euzema, you should check out the before and after pics of people who have tried this product.
There are even user review videos on the official site which discuss personal experiences of using this anti-eczema medication.

Check Videos For Personal Experiences On Official Website

Precautions Before Using Euzema:

  • Make sure you have eczema and not other similar skin diseases like hay fever.
  • Follow the directions on the bottle and avoid the eyes.
  • Talk to your dermatologist if you have any questions regarding your eczema.
  • Avoid using other creams together with Euzema as this is said to reduce its effectiveness.
  • Don’t buy it from any site except the official site to avoid getting fake products.
  • Keep a record of your use (preferably with photos) to track your progress.
  • Have patience as it takes a few months to eliminate your eczema.

Does Euzema Come With Any Guarantee Of Success?

Of those who have used Euzema, 93% of users have found it to work.
To support this statement, the makers have provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Euzema Confidence Revival Cream

With the 60-day money back guarantee, you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied with your results.

There’s also a 30-day double money back guarantee that refunds you twice the purchase price if you don’t see any noticeable difference in 30 days.

Both these refund guarantees prove that the makers of Euzema are confident in the effectiveness of their product.

How Much Is It And Where Can You Buy Euzema?

Euzema confidence revival cream is one of those exclusive internet products that are only available on their official website.

A single bottle of Euzema costs $97.00. It also comes with a flat $9.90 shipping cost for all countries except Malaysia.

I also checked for some Euzema coupon codes online but didn’t find any that worked at the time of writing this skin care review. If you find any that work, just drop a comment down below.

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What Are My Thoughts Of Buying Euzema?

When I came across Euzema, I was very skeptical about this product and its effects.
However, after seeing some of the user reviews and the before/after pics online, I was convinced enough to order a bottle.

My sister applied the cream on my nephew’s eczema for a month.

She found that his skin’s redness and itching going down almost daily.

Now, he hasn’t had a flare-up in a little over three weeks.

This is a big change from his almost-daily eczema flare-ups. 

If I had just read of others that Euzema skin relief works, I may have just asked you to consider buying the cream for your eczema.

However, I’ve seen the benefits of this cream first-hand. So, I strongly recommend Euzema to those of you who want to get rid of your eczema for good.


Q: Are there any side effects of using this anti-eczema cream?

A: There are zero Euzema side effects.

Q: Which types of eczema does this cream work to cure?

A: This cream works on mild, as well as, severe cases of eczema, including contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, hand eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Q: Why can’t I find this on health news sites?

A: According to the makers, pharmaceutical companies want to suppress the product because it can effectively eliminate eczema. If Euzema becomes well-known, it can damage a multi-billion-dollar industry that supplies us with cortisol creams and anti-histamine pills that suppress eczema. There is also no news of this product on the National Eczema Association’s website.

Q: Can I buy it at my local health center?

A: No. Euzema Confidence Revival Cream is sold only on the brand’s official website.

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