Easy Tips For Weight Loss

Are you one of those busy women with a hectic schedule that makes it complicated for you to get to the gym or even workout at home? Well it doesn’t matter; by following simple guidelines you can easily lose those excess pounds quicker than you think. Do you spend most of your time at home? Then altering your diet and changing the way you do household chores that can help in giving you that workout you’ve been missing. For women that toil outside of the home, it’s also a simple matter of eating healthier at work and of following some simple office exercises routines that will help you to lose weight.

Diet Plan:

To start you need to ask yourself is my current diet a healthy one. With a pen and paper begin noting what it is that you eat and the calories that are connected with those foods. Take a note of your intake of fruits and vegetables against the fried foods, candy bars, potato chips, desserts and other junk foods you consume.

You’re going to start by putting together a weekly meal plan that comprises healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meat, fish, poultry, If you need recipes buy yourself a healthy eating cookbook there are plenty of them out there with quick easy meals that anyone can prepare.

Avoid candy bars, potato chips and other extremely sugar and fat based snacks; replace them with healthy alternatives such as nuts, fruits and healthy baked foods. Cook your food with healthy oils such as olive oil and peanut oil, don’t deep fry it’s not necessary and it’s bad for you. Bake, Broil & Stew Your Meals!

Increase the number of meals you eat from three to five and make the portions of each meal smaller; this enhances your body’s metabolism and diminishes your craving for junk food. Make your own smoothies by blending plain yogurt with the types of fruit(s) enjoy eating. Eat foods that will amplify your body’s metabolism which causes your body to burn more calories, as these types of foods are harder for the body to digest.

Weight Loss Tips For Women Who Spend Their Time At home:

Now for those women that spend most of their time at home, when you’re doing your tasks like sweeping, vacuuming, etc. do it with purpose and speed things up. As you conclude one job and before you start the next do some squats do some air boxing, do some leg lifts. What you’re trying to attain is an increase in your aerobic activity to burn those calories.

Many of us do our chores at a relaxed pace which doesn’t burn weight losing calories, so pick up the pace. If you walk your dog, you should take a slight. If you normally take some form of transportation to get around, walk when and where it’s feasible. Physically play with your children, avoid the video games it’ll be good for all of you. If you have an hour or so take 30 minutes to do some form of workout like pushups, sit ups and squats. Get a workout DVD and get exercising.

Weight Loss Tips For Women Who Spend Their Time Outside:

For those women that spend their most of the time in the work environment, you can begin to lose those excess pounds by taking the stairs rather than elevator, if this is possible in your workplace. If possible take a five minute break every two to three hours and do some isometric exercises, as an example push the palms of your hands together applying a fair amount of force and expand your arms in front of you and then draw them back upholding the same amount of pressure while breathing fully.

If you have flat shoes, then while sitting tighten your abdominal and press your feet against the ground and continue this for about ten seconds, release and relax for 5 seconds and do again. Try doing this 10 times. Stretch your body, breathing intensely to get the oxygen distributed through your body and to increase blood flow.

If you follow the above guidelines you can eat what you want and lose weight quick. Keep in mind once you are doing the above your weight will go down quicker than with any craze diet. Don’t starve yourself as this won’t help. Crash dieting is harmful and the pounds soon come back on. Stay with the above and you will soon lose weight fast and reach the weight you wish in a healthy manner.

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