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More than 13% of women in the US smoke cigarettes with over 200,000 deaths being reportedly caused by smoking per year. This bad habit is often acquired in our teens but can turn out to be a big problem when it comes to quitting. The reason many women find it difficult to stop smoking is that of the comfort and relaxation they feel when smoking. This exact feeling is something that is caused by the nicotine in the cigarettes.

Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical made from a number of plants including the tobacco plant. Studies have shown that the short term effects of nicotine on the body and mind include the following:

  • Increase in blood pressure
  • More blood flow from the heart
  • Boost in heart rate
  • Increase in alertness
  • Increase in heart muscle oxygen consumption rate
  • Sense of euphoria
  • Thought of becoming relaxed

What Are The Options For Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking has always been considered a hit-and-miss affair because the mainstream methods used by women are slow and there are chances of going into withdrawal. These traditional methods of quitting smoking cigarettes include e-cigarettes, patches, gums, and lozenges.

There are also some new ways of fighting nicotine addiction that has seen success in recent times. By using ancient Chinese medical knowledge, Auriculotherapy can be used to help women with their problem with nicotine dependence. These products can use lasers, magnets or even ear pellets to help you with EaseQuit being a good example.

What Is EaseQuit & How Does It Work?

Smoking aids like EaseQuit are now becoming popular with women because of their effectiveness as well as the products being fast-acting. The manufacturers of EaseQuit have stated that it should only take seven days for you to quit smoking cigarettes without using nicotine or causing cravings and withdrawal. This is possible because of the magnets in EaseQuit, using Auriculotherapy, help promote endorphins being released in the brain which is also released when smoking cigarettes.

What Is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is the practice in which reflex points on the external ear are triggered, helping the patient deal with health issues like pain and drug detoxification. The reflex points situated on the ear are said to be linked to various parts of the body leading to the advent of Auriculotherapy.

Auriculotherapy is also known as ear reflexology and auricular acupressure with this method of alternative health care having been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over centuries but has only been introduced to the western world just a few decades ago. You can also experience the benefits of Auriculotherapy using needles which are called Ear Acupuncture and is the most famous and well-known Auriculotherapy. It’s also known to use lasers, magnets and ear pellets for stimulating the reflex points in the ear. The magnets used in EaseQuit are designed to stimulate the reflex point that stimulates the brain to produce more endorphin, the chemical that makes you happy.

What Are The Benefits Of EaseQuit?

More women today are addicted to nicotine in cigarettes compared to ten years ago. This has led researchers to find effective methods of eliminating cigarette addiction using Auriculotherapy.

Here are some of the benefits of this new method of eliminating nicotine addiction:

  • Works on women in just one week.
  • Doesn’t use nicotine like with gums, pills, and patches.
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals.
  • Affordable without the need for recharging or replenishing.
  • Stops women from being addicted to smoking.
  • Stimulates reflex points to boost endorphin release in the brain.
  • Fast and easy way to get rid of nicotine addiction.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for it to work.

How To Use EaseQuit?

The directions on how to use EaseQuit have been listed in the product package with more details provided on the manufacturer’s website.

To use these magnets, all you have to do is place one magnet on the front of your ear while placing the other at the back of the ear. If you do this for a week, for about 3 to 4 hours a day, the manufacturer guarantees that your urge to smoke will decrease gradually with you being able to stop smoking completely by the end of the seven days.

Further details on EaseQuit can be found on the manufacturer’s website including cost and money-back guarantee. There are some deals that are also available which include the following:

BUY 1: $45.04 TO SAVE: $12.88

BUY 2 & GET 1 FREE: $90.08 TO SAVE: $45.04

BUY 3 & GET 3 FREE: $135.12 TO SAVE: $135.12

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