Being In The Rhythm Of Circadian Clock

Are you aware of the circadian biological clock?

You might have heard about it or read it somewhere. Let us find out more about the circadian clock here. After learning about the circadian clock you will surely fall for its benefits.

Most of the people sleep for more than 12 hours or so but still after such a big nap they experience a different level of sleepiness throughout the day.  There is Sleep/wake homeostasis system in the body which creates a drive which balances sleep and wakefulness. The circadian clock is a mechanism that regulates physiological activities of an organism which changes with daily environmental changes in the day and night cycle.

Body Clock

We have become slaves of the highly competitive world. And the worst part is we are ready to pay its cost even if it puts our body health at high-risk. While working or being engaged in work we forget that after such stressful life our body needs rest. By doing this we are disturbing Circadian cycle of our body.  This master clock which also regulates the functioning of brain coordinates with all the body clocks so that they are in sync.

There are many drawbacks of not sleeping early or not following the biological clock.

Hair loss

Due to work overload, our body gets stressed. And stress has many disadvantages out of which hair loss is mostly faced by everyone. Hair loss and balding lead to the loss of self-esteem. It also makes us look old.  Our body recharges itself with electrolytes and replenishes itself every night. Maximum nutrients are absorbed by the internal parts of the body at night. So it is necessary to sleep at night. If you face severe hair loss, so to recover you can use hair loss supplements which promote the health of hair follicles and provide necessary vitamins, antioxidants, biotin and beta-carotene.

Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair, close up (studio)

Skin Aging

A person may look a decade older due to sleep deprivation. Not taking necessary sleep at night damaged skin tissues significantly. Body’s melatonin production goes haywire and also creates a deficit of collagen. By sleeping early, we can avoid it. If skin problem gets acute you can even use skin cream which helps to boosts collagen and elastin to the skin.

Skin Aging

Abnormal Weight Gain

While working late at night we get tempted for a cup of coffee or we even feel like to eat a doughnut or sugary snack when we run out of energy. All these things add to our waistline. Try to alter your late night working hours by accommodating them in the morning. If you are gaining too much of weight, exercising can help to fight it and to accelerate its results you can take natural weight loss supplements.

Weight Gain

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones secreted from our glands helps to regulate proper body function. By not providing it enough rest might cause an imbalance with our hormones which again cause other disorder in our body. Along with being a biological clock, use of certain supplements can regulate hormonal balance.



Our body gets exhausted when it is not properly rested.  To get off exhaustion we binge on caffeinated drinks. Daily or excessive intake can cause may several side effects. Proper sleep at night is the only solution to overcome it.

 “Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.” This famous quote clearly signifies how being in Circadian cycle makes us healthy, wealthy and wise.

You must have noticed or experienced that when you sleep through a night next morning you feel better. Your biological clock is re-set and the other is our mind gets enough rest to perform well the next day.


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