Be The Leader By Being The Gadget Lady

Whilst everybody today is chanting this new mantra on Women Empowerment however the right way for a woman to feel empowered is to become the leader. It is high time to get real with regards to your gadget grooming habits and get noticed, which is the right way to make you feel like the leader.  The saying ‘Why Should Men Have All the Fun?’ should now change. Women can also be the perfect leader by choosing high end gadgets in their day to day life. It is a well observed fact that when a man uses a high end gadget like the latest phone or the latest tablet, etc does make an impressive impression. Likewise women should also indulge more into using of gadgets and be more technology savvy. This helps to create an impressive impression amongst people. It also help you impress your man in way that the fact that you make use of latest technology gadgets is always a turn on factor for him.

As per recent research and studies, it has been noticed that women who use high tech gadgets helps them boost their image at work as well as on the personal front.  With more and more women who are into being business professional and who want to be perceived seriously as leaders should ensure to invest in the latest technology breakthroughs. There has been a recent study conducted and published by The Journal Of Product Innovation Management whereby this has been clearly proved and claimed that women who choose to use gadgets and are tech-savvy prove to make a better impression than those who do not make use of gadgets.

An author has clearly stated that familiarity by choosing to use new high end and technological products has become to me the most common manifestation towards innovative behaviour. Furthermore, those women who are technology savvy end up being perceived as more authoritative on various subjects as leaders.

There was a study conducted by a group of researchers who taped interviews with actors who were being researched under the category of how they looked and various factors. During the research, the actors were taped in two categories, one using the old fashioned calendar and writing notes down where as the second was making notes by using an electronic calendar. The researchers observed that when these subjects watched the interview, the response was highly overwhelming whilst making use of electronic calendars and hence they proved to be more authoritative.

In one of the other experiments, researchers ensured their participants to read out resumes that were similar to each other except for the part where hobbies were mentioned and this were varied to signal and could discover whether the participants were tech-savvy or not. Once again this research clearly proves that one the high – tech ones came out well noticed and authoritative.

The research also clearly states that women who use high technological gadgets ended up gaining more benefits vis-à-vis to their male counterparts.  This research finding counter react to the effect which one often notices as an impression management research in business settings. Moreover, female job evaluations end up facing the brunt only after they engage in the same self promoting findings strategies which end up benefiting the male counterparts.

Nevertheless you also need to be aware that the actual ability to operate high-tech devices has gained recent importance and in the past was never considered important. As per Steve Hoeffler a professor of marketing at Vanderbilt University, in the past as long as a person looked reasonably competent was enough to make an impressive impression. It is now that more and more women are being exposed to the latest technology which is allowing them to compete in being the perfect leader just like any man.

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