How To Avoid Financial Arguments With Your Partner?

The honeymoon phase of a relationship or a marriage lasts till the couple needs to address the finances. This can put a strain on the relationship to the point of separation. Financial strain is responsible for 22% of all the divorces in the US. It is a serious aspect of relation on which couples should work on and can be achieved with will power, self-restraint, and budgeting.

These arguments can be avoided by getting in control of your expenses and planning ahead.

Arguement With Your Partner On Finances

Don’t worry about the statistics, you’ll be able to work through all the financial challenges if you imply all the solutions given below.

Plan Your Wedding

Wedding expenses often times get out of hand. This is the most common mistake among married couples. This way you are setting yourself for disaster. If you had been to college, then your finances are already under a lot of strain due to student loan. Most of the couples don’t have cash to pay for the various wedding related expenses. They tend to loan money for this and end up under more debts.

Well, this doesn’t mean that the couple should skip festivities. There so many DIY ideas on the internet, where you can save tons of money. You can also save for a big party for 5th or 10th anniversary. This way you’ll be in a better financial position to throw a huge party.

One more reason to celebrate! The fact that your relationship survived through such a turbulent times.

Plan Wedding On Budget

Discuss Your Financial Past

Relationship Experts have always advocated total transparency when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. Discussing past finances may be uncomfortable for you to discuss but there is no other way. This is a good time to discuss any outstanding debts, loans, investments or assets. If you are divorced and getting into 2nd or 3rd marriage, then discuss alimony or child support with your partner.

If you provide financial support to your parents, then this the perfect time for you to tell your partner that.

Understan Partner

Understand Your Partner’s Financial Mindset

Just like before marrying someone you try and understand about the person, the same way find out what they think about spending money. Try to know more what they like to spend on and how much. A lot can be known about your partners spending habits by learning more about their upbringing. Were their parent’s big spenders or they didn’t have a lot of money to spend, in the first place. Same applies to you.

Many of these factors contribute to you and your partner’s attitude towards money.

Discuss With Your Partner


There is no other way to suggest that you and your partner should have a household budget. This is the most effective way of keeping track of expenses. It seems tedious in the beginning but once you make it as a part of your life, you’ll not regret it. There are several apps and software that help you track your expenses. Let your partner participate in budgeting too. This way no one is kept in dark as to where the money is being spent.

Budgeting can be applied to various other expenditure like vacations, buying a new house or a boat.

Budget Expenses

Let There Be Space

When you need to confer to your partner every time you want to purchase something, you may feel constricted. Your partner may not understand the requirement of the expense and to defend this every time may become tedious. Relationship Experts suggest that you come up with a separate budget for such miscellaneous expenses.

All the above solutions may or may not work for you. In this case, you can ask for help from Financial Planner. If you are religious then ask for help from the church ministry. There is a thing called “Financial Therapy ” to help couple navigating through financial turmoil.

Miscellaneous Shopping

Which one of these has worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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