Anti Theft Backpack With USB Charger

Are you searching for a backpack for your next business trip overseas? Or are you searching for a daily bag for traveling in and around the city? If so, we might just have found you a perfect backpack that is ideal for the needs of today’s modern men and women.

This new backpack is made by popular brands and is packed full of innovative and practical features that will truly surprise you. The backpack is stylish with a minimalistic design while giving you the comfort and security of one of the best anti-theft bags on the market. It also has an external USB charging port which makes it very convenient to charge your phone or tablet on the go. Here is a full review of the facts and features of this cool new product.

Who Is The Anti Theft Backpack Made For?

The Anti Theft Backpack is sleek in its design and contains some great features that will impress just about everyone. This backpack is made from a novel design that helps secure your belongings from pickpockets and theft. There is also a cool gadget onboard that lets you charge your phone while on the go without having to leave the bag zipper open for pickpockets. The designers have made sure that this bag is suitable for most people to use with it being perfect for business travelers, bike commuters, students, and frequent flyers.

Anti Theft Backpack With USB Charger

Summary Of The Features:

The Anti Theft Backpack is a product that is designed to maximize the interior and exterior with cutting edge features that will make your old backpack seem redundant. A cool new feature found in this bag is an external USB rechargeable function that lets you charge your phone while on the move. The design of bag is ergonomic and is very comfortable, even while wearing it for hours on end. It’s made from high quality wear resistant nylon fibers that are water and scratch resistant.

The backpack has a large capacity with it being able to carry a 15.6-inch laptop, 5-7 books, 2 pieces of clothing, a wallet and an umbrella, all at the same time. And while the capacity of the bag is interesting to know, what actually sets itself apart is that it has an anti-theft design. This anti-theft design makes use of a smart pocket at the back of the bag to store your valuables making the area inaccessible to pickpockets.

Now that you have a general idea on what this backpack has to offer, let’s take a look at some of the features in detail.

Charge Your Phone On The Go:

Ever been outside and checked your phone for an email only to find that the battery has died? The simple solution to this would be to carry around a separate powerbank which can charge your phone. But the next problem you are bound to face is that you now have to hold your phone as well as the powerbank while you commute. Well, you could always just put the powerbank in your bag with the cable hanging out of the zipper, but this USB cord is usually very short which can cause the cable to disconnect.

Charge Your Phone On The Go

The designers have made the bag with an external charging function where you only have to connect your USB data cable to the charging port on the outside of the bag, and it will automatically charge the phone. And no, it doesn’t charge your phone with magic as you need to attach your powerbank to the USB connector on the inside of the charging port. This is a great feature that has made this backpack very popular in the market. For those of you who are eager to get their hands of this bag, be sure to get the right powerbank to make full use of the external charging function. Two types of powerbanks are available in the market; the first is one where it charges your phone as soon as you connect your phone, while the second is where you have to physically press a button on the device to start charging which can be a real hindrance if you want to make full use of this cool new feature.

Protection Against Theft:

Imagine coming home from a long days work to find out that pickpockets have stolen something valuable from your backpack while you were on the train home. That sense of loss and helplessness can be avoided by using a bag that protects you from theft. The Anti-Theft Backpack is designed in such a way that there are fewer small pockets on the surface that can be easily reached from behind you. This has allowed the manufacturers to give you a fantastic looking, secure backpack which is minimalistic in its exterior design.

There is one main zipper that is used to access the inside of the bag while there is another pouch near your lower back that aims to keep your valuables safe from the hands of pickpockets. This compartment is big enough that it can fit a 7.9 inch iPad to keep it secure against theft. If you are considering traveling to places known for their pickpockets and theft, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and get an anti-theft bag to protect your belongings safely.

Anti-theft design

Compact Yet Functional Design:

Experts have designed a backpack that is the right size for most men and women to use on a trip or a daily basis. The dimensions of the bag as mentioned are a width of 34 cm, a height of 47 cm and a depth of only 18 cm, giving you a total capacity of 56-75 liters. While this may not seem much, the various compartments and pouches inside the bag can surprisingly fit a 15.6-inch laptop, 5-7 books, 2 pieces of clothing, a wallet and an umbrella which is a feat difficult to believe if you don’t see for yourself. Our experts say that it is possible for all this to fit into such a compact bag allowing it to be a perfect size for most.

It’s also lightweight and made from high-quality wear-resistant nylon fibers allowing it to be resistant to scratches and water. This way you won’t have to worry about getting your laptop wet or have your bag slashed by a thief on the way back home. The bag also contains a scalable and shockproof computer compartment which can adjust to accommodate a 13 to a 15.6-inch laptop. The advantage of this unique feature is that even if you accidentally drop the bag, your electronics won’t easily be damaged.

Compact Yet Functional Design

Our thoughts:

Well, after taking a look at the new Anti-Theft Backpack, our experts were impressed with its high-quality, pure convenience and innovative features. The Bag is an excellent choice in backpacks due to the quality and workmanship you get along with its long durability. The impression our staff got was so high that some of us have already considered getting one for ourselves as well. So, long story short, yes, we recommend this Bag as it’s a great backpack to get if you value its list of features that are both innovative and convenient.

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