Online shopping is the new form of shopping that has gained popularity over the past few years, especially after sites like Amazon and eBay made it easy for manufacturers to sell their goods. According to a recent survey, 51% of Americans prefer to do their shopping online, and 96% of Americans with internet access have made at least one successful online shopping purchase.

Online Shopping Tips To Save Money

Another reason online shopping has been beating in-store shopping is due to online retailers being able to give attractive deals and discounts multiple times a year, unlike stores which only provide sales when they have trouble selling their products. So, there are obvious benefits in buying your essentials online including the most important one being the huge savings you make. But here, we are going to talk about how you can follow a few simple tips when shopping online to get better deals and save money at the same time.

Here are the eight tips for shopping online that will save you money:

1. Make A Shopping List And Stick To It:

This is an essential tip because making a shopping list before going online can help you save your money and time. It can help prevent you getting sucked into attractive deals on crap you don’t want or need. Making a shopping list will also stop you from overspending and will help you to get your shopping priorities straight. A shopping list will also give you the ability to specifically search for deals on particular items instead of just hoping to stumble onto good deals.

2. Utilize Your Social Network To Find And Share Great Deals:

I’m sure that most people have seen Facebook posts or Twitter tweets which promote a particular deal or exclusive offer. This is a great way to get deals that are often available for a limited period. Social media is another platform that online sellers are targeting currently as over 40% of sales online are conducted through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is also a great way to ask for your friends’ opinions and scout for better deals for a particular product online.

Deals On Social Media

3. Try Finding Products With Free Shipping:

When shopping online, it’s very important to keep an eye out for the shipping costs. This is because you can find online deals which provide you with free shipping that can save you a tidy sum. However, when you order online, keep in mind that not all products have free shipping. Many retailers also try attracting your attention with lowered product prices while increasing their shipping prices for the product. To avoid getting caught in this deception, make sure that you compare prices including delivery charges when you viewing prices from various vendors.

4. Search For Online Discounts, Cashbacks And Coupon Codes:

There are some points to consider when reading the fine print which can save you a lot of money if you are wise without being overly greedy. Many websites like coupon sites or other smaller e-commerce sites provide you with discounts when you buy through their links which give them an affiliate commission. While these are great, you should always check the T&C before making the purchase.

The most preferred method of saving money online is by looking for upfront discounts where there is a reduced price of the original when purchased online. Sites also use cashback as a way for you to continue using their sites since cashback can be difficult to be transferred to your credit card or bank. Nowadays, mobile apps are getting more popular with various retailers pushing you to purchase from their app with app-exclusive deals and discounts.

5. Always Compare Prices Before Purchasing:

No matter how cheap you think a product is selling, you are almost always going to be able to find a better price elsewhere if you do a little research and compare prices. There are several price comparison sites and apps which can help make it easier to compare prices across various sites.

Always Compare Prices

You can also get good deals on items when they are ordered from the less-known sites since these sites are willing to get a smaller profit margin to ensure that they get your business. But be careful with small sites as these can also include sites that are scams and rip-offs. The primary tactic to spot a rip-off is when ‘If the price seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.’ So, for example, if you are being offered an iPhone X for $10, you best read the Terms & Conditions before jumping on this deal.

6. Set Up Price Alerts To Maximize Your Savings:

If you want a particular product but there is currently no discount available, you can now set up price alerts which let you know when it becomes available at the desired price. Many online shopping websites allow for this feature which can send you an email or an alert on your phone when the product cost drops to the amount you have set. There are also third-party apps which can be used to set price alerts.

7. Check For Bank Offers And E-Wallet Deals:

Banks are also getting onto the e-commerce train as many have also given out offers to potential customers who have purchased similar products using their credit cards. These deals can usually be found on their banking app or their website. Many banks also have partnerships with sites which can allow you to collect points and earn cashback which is directly transferred to your credit card. These can often be redeemed on the bank’s  affiliated shopping website and are very handy when searching for that extra savings when shopping.

E-Wallet Deals

There are also apps for online payment and e-wallets which have become more and more popular lately. These apps also have online shopping catalogs which can give attractive discounts and great deals. While the product range for these apps is not as extensive as with online retailers like Amazon, it’s still an excellent choice to consider if you find the product you want in their possession.

8. Check Online Shopping Forums For The Latest Information:

The internet is filled with billions of dollars of products just waiting for you to click the Buy Now button. So, it’s evident that this is bound to cause confusion and questions to pop up. To solve these frequently asked questions, you can visit specialized interactive forums which can give you a different point of view on the same product as well as information that isn’t available anywhere else on the internet.

These were the eight tips for shopping online that will save you money. We hope that these tips will be useful for your shopping experience to be enjoyable as well as profitable.

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