Heart attacks or myocardial infractions are one of the scariest and fatal issues men and women face, especially as they get older. What most men and women are not aware of are the signs of heart trouble are different for men and women. The more well-known heart attack symptoms you have heard about are probably for men, which is why many women unknowingly ignore the heart attack signs they experience, often leading to fatal consequences.

Here are the most important 7 signs of heart attack in women to look out for:

1. Experiencing A Shortness Of Breath:

Running a 100-meter sprint isn’t the only way to experience shortness of breath because having difficulty taking long and deep breaths is another sign of heart attack in women. Research has found that more than half of the women who have suffered from heart attacks had difficulty breathing, even to the point of having trouble talking because of the lack of oxygen intake. Shortness of breath is a very common heart attack symptom in women.

2. Extreme Fatigue And Loss Of Energy:

Research has shown that over 70% of women experience extreme fatigue before having a heart attack. This extreme and often unexplained fatigue can cause women to get tired even after going from one room to another. This extreme fatigue is also often accompanied with flu-like exhaustion which is different to chronic fatigue due to hormonal imbalance.

3. Sudden Sweat:

An important and very obvious sign of heart trouble is suddenly experiencing sweating. This is a good indicator of a heart attack with more than 40% of women breaking out into a cold sweat along with feeling dizzy before a stroke.

4. Pain In Certain Parts Of The Body:

For men, it’s numbness in the chest and shoulders, but for women its mild pain in the back, neck, jaw, shoulder or ear which can be a real symptom of an impending heart attack. The pains which expand down to the left side of the shoulders should also be noted as possible heart attack symptoms in women. Women have mentioned experiencing tightness through their jaw line going through the neck before a heart attack. Increased pressure in the upper back and bread bone is another sign of heart trouble.

5. Difficulty While Sleeping:

Another study has shown that almost half of the women who experience a heart attack had difficulty while sleeping before. Struggling to sleep can be difficult to relate to heart problems or heart attacks because there can be many other reasons that can cause you to struggle to sleep that aren’t fatal. But it’s always better to be aware of this symptom of heart attack in women.

6. Dizziness Or Nausea:

Experiencing nausea or dizziness is known to happen before some women have heart attacks. Indigestion or other gastrointestinal problems are also frequent for women who are about to experience a heart attack. If you are feeling dizzy or nauseous, it’s always a good idea to let someone close by know in case it’s something other than the normal kind of nausea.

7. Stress And Anxiety:

Stress in the modern world has become a daily part of every woman’s life. Unfortunately, anxiety, stress and being keyed up can be signs of a possible heart attack. Over 30% of women experiencing severe anxiety before a heart attack which has been described as the coming of doom by many.

To sum it up, it’s always good to be on the lookout for these 7 signs of heart attack in women even if you don’t think you are prone to suffering from heart attacks. If you experience these signs of heart attack, it’s vital to call emergency services with 911 to seek medical help as well as inform someone nearby of your symptoms.

You should also help others by supplying them with this info so that they too can be better prepared to spot these often subtle heart attack symptoms in women.

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