Every woman wants to dress fashionably with the latest Prada and Gucci has in stores, but not everyone can shell out the thousands of dollars it takes to be at the forefront of fashion. For those of us who don’t have a no-limit credit card, but monthly bills to pay for instead, we have to resort to innovative ways to look beautiful in designer goods.

Yes, that’s right; it’s actually possible for you to own a designer dress or wardrobe worth tens of thousands by spending a fraction of the original price. While this means that you don’t get to peruse the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive, you can still arrive at your next Christmas part wearing the best. How do you ask? Well, there are six methods to getting designer clothes for cheap.

Designer Clothes For Cheap

But before we get into the six ways you can outfit yourself with your favorite designer’s clothes; let’s talk about what happens to older merchandise that was released last season or older. While designers are known to burn and destroy surplus merchandise to increase exclusivity, older products can be found online and in some stores as well as some second-hand stores.

As for why you would want to buy designer clothes, it’s simple. There is a reason designers charge a premium for their products, they are well-made with durable and high-quality materials and are known to offer good quality merchandise. Another advantage of getting designer clothes includes their resale value since many fashion houses are always in demand. However, the most important point to remember in getting designer products is that you should always try your best to avoid paying the premium process without having to sacrifice your designer tastes.

If you want to get designer clothes for cheap, you should read the following six methods of finding good deals and always be on the lookout for your favorite designer or design going on sale.

1. Buying Off-Season

Buying off-season can be a great way to get quality designer products without breaking the bank. All you have to do is buy the clothes that are not for the current or coming season. For example, you can get great deals for swimwear if you shop in September instead of summer. One thing to remember is that you should consider if the style you purchase will be fashionable the next season or not. Also, ask around in the store for price adjustments which can give you a better choice in styles before the other shoppers.

Buying Off-Season

2. Buy From Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale sites are online websites that provide you with designer products but at a more affordable price. The way these sites work is that they get particular products in bulk from the designers and since the designers save on shipping and packaging, the websites get them for cheap. This reduced price is then passed to you with more affordable costs when compared to buying directly from the designer.

There are some negatives to consider when buying from flash sale sites. The first is in the term ‘Flash Sale’ which means that more often than not, the products are on sale for a short time and get sold out very quickly. A way to get around this is by receiving notifications for a particular designer, but this can result in you getting tons of emails (valid or spam). Good examples of flash sale sites that are popular include Zulily and Gilt. Such flash sale sites can help you save hundreds of dollars by shopping for your favorite designer goods.

3. Designer Product Swapping With Friends

A simple way to get a new designer dress is by swapping with friends. This stems from the fact that we all owned at least one designer product that we have worn too many times and didn’t want to wear anymore. Instead of it catching dust in your closet, why not swap with your friend’s designer wear and both of you can come out happy.

4. Borrowing Designer Products

A great way to look good in designer products without buying anything is by renting out designer clothes. Many stores and sites cater to your designer needs which can be rented for a day or two. An advantage of this method is that the products are usually well-maintained and laundered before you get them. You are also not stuck with only a few sets of designer clothes since you can return them and swap for a new dress in just a few days.

Borrowing Designer Products

5. Buy From Other Collections

Most women don’t know that designers also have other brands that are under the same umbrella of companies which provide products for various pricing points. These different collections include:

Capsule Collections: Are made in mass production which caters to few staple pieces like pants, jackets, skirts, and dresses. These are made in volume, making them cheaper per piece. However, you should get these as soon as possible as capsule collections are often one-off and not produced a second time around.

Bridge Lines: Are products made with the collaboration of different designers and retailers to give you affordable designer products. This means that you can get that Marc Jacobs and Neiman Marcus top from last season at Target for a fraction of the price. Things to remember when buying from bridge line collections is that due to production costs lowered, the quality will not be the same as designer products.

Lower-Cost Brands: Similar to Bridge Lines, this collection is made from the designs of the designers which are almost the same, but not quite the same as the originals. These are usually low-cost versions of the designers’ brands which gives you to the opportunity to wear your favorite designer with little impact on your purse.

6. Buying Secondhand

Buying secondhand can save you a lot of money if you know where to look. You usually get better quality products from consignment shops rather than thrift shops because consignment shops buy, repair and resell the products. Buying secondhand from consignment stores can be a real bargain and are great if you are looking to get goods that don’t show a lot of wear like special-occasion dresses, accessories, and handbags.

Consignment Shops

Every woman knows that there is something about designer products that is attractive, even at the excessive prices. However, for those savvy shoppers who want to get the best deals on their favorite designer’s products, there are always ways to make your designer dreams come true.

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