6 Nutritious And Delicious Summer Vegetable Dishes

Summers all out in full of the bloom and so are the veggie being all fresh and seasonal and gathering a variety of cropping up at the farmers markets or even at any roadside stands and if you manage to get lucky, you can grow them in your own back yard. Fresh vegetables have their own aura around the food whether they be sliced in the form of salad or marinated or grilled or can be enjoyed even consumed raw. But if you require knowing more on the latest techniques to serve the summer standouts, below you will notice tips on veggies which will allow you to learn few latest techniques on tasty methods to play up with the flavor of your favorites.

1. Zucchini, Corn & Portabella Pie:

This works out to be a delicious dish which is one such savory that bursts in the mouth as a delicious veggie pie having fresh flavors of the sweet corn, soft and tender portabella mushrooms and the zesty zing of zucchini and the combination makes one summery fresh supper.

2. Baked German Potato Salad With Kale:

This dish tops the classic savory dish and has been known as a super food mainly because of kale and sweet red bell pepper for adding beautiful color and provides extreme nutrition.

3. Tomatoes:

This was initially categorized as a fruit, but is always prioritized as the vegetable. It’s the seasonal super star whereby one can even make use of it by freezing it as a sauce. You can use it towards dressing or even by drizzling it. You can make use of it in an unami by whisking it together and it becomes a good topping with the perfect flavor combination of soy sauce, sesame oil and fresh basil or cilantro.

4. Zucchini:

This is a well known versatile summer squash but it’s most famous and full of flavors when it is grilled, used in salads or even baked. Just like the tomatoes, the zucchini is also categorized as a fruit.

5. Corn:

This is the best to be enjoyed just after picking the popularly known and fresh cob of corn. It almost feels like sunshine on a stick. You can also learn to slice off their kernels and allow them to add some sweetness flavors.

6. Green Beans:

This is known to be the perfect summer staple diet and which is fresh and full of flavors. They are very tasty and are snapped directly from the vine. You can add them to all your dishes as they are very simple to cook. Green beans however get a little more sophisticated when drizzled with a balsamic butter.

Expert Advice:

Treat the veggies in a right manner. It helps to maintain the fresh flavors and its textures especially when you store the vegetables for a longer period of time. You do not need to throw away the vegetables in case they get over ripe. Smoothies prove to be the best way to make use of overripe veggies.

By adding a handful of green like spinach, kale or arugula or you can even add some sweeter fruits such as berries, banana or pineapples in a blender. Add a little almond oil or Greek yogurt and this is the best source of nutritious and sumptuous meal.

Make use of herbs in your foods to get the immense flavors you need. Fresh herbs prove to be the perfect and rich source of antioxidants and also provide you with phytonutrients. By combining herbs with veggies you end up letting your body have dual nutritional benefits i.e. both from the veggies as well as the herbs.

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