Squirting for women is so rare that it almost considered a myth.

However, it is possible for women to squirt, and it doesn’t have a mysterious origin.

In fact, to be able to squirt, you (or your female partner) need only three things:

  • Relax and let go of any insecurities
  • Find and stimulate the G-spot
  • Be patient

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Achieving these three goals can get you squirting like a fire hydrant.

Now, let’s move on to clearing out some of the fog surrounding squirting. Plus, I’ll also be going through the step-by-step process on how to make a girl squirt.

Fact: A survey indicated that only 4.8% of women squirt regularly during sex. This is far rarer than the 18.1% who have squirted at least once before. The biggest reveal from this survey is that 81.9% of women have never squirted.

What Is Squirting?

Squirting (AKA gushing and female ejaculation) is when a whitish/thickish fluid is ejaculated from near the vagina while (or before) an orgasm.

This liquid is often ejaculated when the G-spot (Grafenberg Spot) is stimulated intensely.

That said, the liquid is not pee, even if the urethra ejects it.

The liquid is produced in the Skene’s Glans, which is considered the female prostate (1).

When you are aroused, this liquid is produced in the Skene’s Glans. And when the G-spot experiences intense stimulation, its squirted out of the urethra.

That said, don’t assume that you are going to be able to squirt a bucket of the stuff like those pornstars. The fact is that the amount of liquid, as well as the intensity of the squirt, will vary from woman-to-woman.

Some women only notice that their vaginas get really wet after squirting. But some women experience intense reactions like squirting a fountain of liquid all over the place.

Unfortunately, most women haven’t even had the pleasure of experiencing a good squirt yet. If this sounds like you, don’t forget to read the six steps to making a woman squirt.

Is It Possible For All Women To Squirt?

Yes, all women can squirt!

Yup, this includes you and right now is the best time to learn the secret to making it rain.

If you haven’t ejaculated before, it may be due to a few factors.

It can also take a while to reach the point when you can squirt. So, while some women use manual stimulation (their fingers), most women now rely on sex toys to scratch this particular itch. Of course, if you have a penis handy, no one is going to suggest against this natural squirt-inducing machine.

All Women Can Squirt

The Biggest Reasons For Women Being Unable To Squirt:

  • Jumping in headfirst: Sexual stimulation is an art, not a race. So, if you skip the foreplay and get down to business instantly, your body may not be ready to squirt when you want it to.
  • Emotional blocks: If you don’t trust your partner or there’s something on your mind that’s preventing you from accepting your partner, this may prevent you from squirting.
  • Having stress or anxiety: There’s no way you will be squirting if you’re stressed about something. The river between your legs is only going to flow if you are relaxed.
  • Expecting instant results: Women and men are different. While men can ejaculate within a few minutes, it can take a long time for women to reach orgasm/ejaculation.

To help increase the chance of you squirting, you can try relaxing (or sensual) massages, meditation, or Kegel exercises.

Female Kegel Exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles and to increase the tightness of the vagina (2). The benefit (other that better sex) is that a tighter vagina can make it easier for you to squirt.

As for the popular tools of the trade, increase your chances of squirting by using a liberator pillow, G-spot vibrator, or trying squirt-inducing sex positions.

Sex toys like G-spot vibrators are a great way to squirt, especially if it’s your first time. These vibrators are designed to directly stimulate your G-spot to give you the fastest female ejaculation possible. It will also help save your hands and fingers from cramping, which is a real party-pooper.

6 Steps In Making A Girl Squirt:

Step 1: Set The Mood

How To Make A Girl Squirt - Set The Mood

The prep work to make yourself squirt is paramount to actually squirting.

So, you are going to have to set the mood and get everything ready first.

Firstly, you need to accept that you are going to be able to squirt. Simply put, if you believe that you can’t or won’t squirt, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

If you are with your partner, you will need to trust him/her to be able to ejaculate. You are only going to be ready to squirt if you feel safe and relaxed.

Secondly, ensure that you know what to expect. While it’s true that you want to squirt, don’t forget the journey is often more important than the destination.

Enjoy the process and experience of being stimulated to reach orgasm and ejaculation. It can also take time and may not happen the first time around.

So, make sure you aren’t disappointed if you don’t orgasm.

And also tell your partner to not worry so much about making you squirt. If you feel like you are being pressured to squirt, you aren’t going to be able to.

Don’t forget to cut and smoothen the fingernails in case you are going for manual stimulation. Any sharp edges on your figures can scratch the inside of the vagina.

Step 2: Relax

All Women Can Squirt - Relax

This is a crucial step and cannot be missed.

If you are not able to relax and let go of your anxieties, you aren’t going to be ejaculating any time soon.

Also, while I said to get relaxed, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be aroused.

In fact, being horny but not having unnecessary thoughts in your mind is the best place to be during sex.

I prefer relaxing music, a bath, and some slow dancing to get me in the right state of mind.

Step 3: Get Turned On

All Women Can Squirt - Get Turned On

After you have relaxed your mind, its time to turn on the engines and get this party started.

By that, I mean you should switch to some sexy music and turn the mood sensual.

You know want you to need to get in the mood for sex, right? Do that or get your partner to do that.

I have found that when my partner teases me for what’s to come, I get turned on quickly.

This is also the time to start thinking about squirting.

Foreplay is king here and doing it right can cement your chances of ejaculating and reaching orgasm.

Step 4: Oral Stimulation

All Women Can Squirt - Oral Stimulation

Having your pussy eaten out can be a great feeling. After all, it’s not just men who enjoy getting some oral attention.

The goal here is to work on building up the pleasure by going slow with the licking.

So, if your man is going down on you, instruct him to start with your inner thighs and then slowly move to the vaginal area.

While he is licking the vagina, make sure he doesn’t just jump the gun and insert his figures inside.

Ensure to get yourself as close to an orgasm as possible without actually coming.

But after waiting for enough time, take the plunge to reach your first high. Do this a few more times before you move on to the next stage.

Step 5: G-Spot Stimulation

All Women Can Squirt - G-Stop Stimulation

By now, you have already relaxed, horny, and had a few satisfactory clitoral orgasms.

So, its time for the main course: squirting.

First, get into a position that will make it comfortable for your partner to give you head.

He/she can finger the vagina and should find the G-spot to provide it some much-needed stimulation.

Remind to start slow and gentle at the beginning.

Speed is not the key here; its precision.

How To Find The G-Spot?

  1. The G-spot is located on the inside of the vagina by 0.5-2 inches on the wall on the stomach’s side.
  2. The texture of the G-spot is not totally smooth like the rest of the vagina. The spot feels like orange skin or the surface of a golf ball.

How To Make A Girl Squirt - Find The G-Spot


After you found your G-spot, start stimulating it manually or using a vibrator.

Remember that its intense stimulations that are needed if you want to squirt.

While it’s been stimulated, remember not to stop unless you feel discomfort.

Additionally, you may feel like you are about to pee. If this is you, congratulations as this mean that you are about to experience your first-ever female orgasm.

When you reach this stage, don’t stop as you are almost there.

If you have done everything else correctly, it will not take long for you to squirt while potentially giving you an orgasm at the same time.

Step 6: Post-Squirt Care

How To Make A Girl Squirt - Post-Squirt Care

If you have just squirted for the first time, congratulations, you are part of the 18.1% who has now squirted in bed.

If this is not your first time squirting, congratulations and welcome back to squirtland.

Additionally, if you weren’t able to squirt, don’t worry and try again later.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again – Zen Cho

Emotional support is the best kind of care your partner can show you here. After coming down from that squirting high, you will feel very emotionally vulnerable.

When shared with your partner, this experience can really bring you both together like never before.

FAQs About How To Make A Girl Squirt:

Q: What do I do if my husband can’t seem to make me squirt?

A: Manual stimulation (using your hands) and penile stimulation can help you squirt. However, it’s rather difficult for most women to achieve ejaculation using their fingers. Instead, you should look for G-spot vibrators that work to stimulate your G-spot for intense results accurately.

Q: Is it possible for me to squirt like the women in porn?

A: Yes, it is possible to squirt like a pornstar — however, its not possible for everyone. So, I can’t promise you that you will squirt like a pornstar. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you should be able to enjoy squirting yourself.

Q: Is the liquid from squirting urine?

A: No. The squirted liquid is not urine. It’s actually 95% water with a slight musky scent and light salty taste.

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