5 Reasons You Missed Your Period While On Birth Control

Condoms and birth control pills are commonly used to prevent pregnancy. Condoms may break and have 82% success rate.

Birth control pills are commonly known as “the pills”. These are not only effective in preventing pregnancy but also other periods related health issues. The pills deliver hormones into your body, which reduces excessive bleeding during periods. It is assumed that birth control pills are the ultimate barrier against pregnancy. Another benefit of birth control is curing amenorrhea. This is a  condition where a woman experiences an abnormal absence of menstruation cycle.

Reasons Why You Missed Periods

There is no need panic if you miss a period while on birth control pills. There are most of the time effective. You just need to figure out the reason why they are not working for you. Now that we are aware of all the functions and benefits of the pills, let’s find out what are the reasons that may negate the effects of the pills.

Excess/Lack Of Hormones

Hormones play a vital role in your menstruation cycle. They help your system trigger the cycle every month. Various researchers have proven that hormones may suppress your periods and cause a temporary breakdown in mensuration cycle of your body. According to the Brown University, if you have switched pills several times, your body loses control over hormones. To regularize your periods, you may need to stick to one birth control pill.

Mensuration cycle is broken if you stick with one single pill for a long time. Your body needs a break or a change from it. Make sure you consult your doctor before switching the pill.

Major Illness

If you are going through a major illness, it can take a toll on menstruation cycle. Your body is already weak and is busy coping with the illness. You may want to consult your doctor before you start taking pills. They may clash with your medications for current illness.

There is a list of illnesses published by the University of Michigan’s Health Center. It includes tumors, false pregnancy, thyroid diseases, ovarian cysts, depression and chronic illnesses like kidney disease or cystic fibrosis. You are recommended to get some professional help if you have already missed 2 periods in a row.

Medications For Different Ailment

If you are consuming medications for other illness, they may clash with your birth control. Experts at Mayo Clinic have found that oral steroids, chemotherapy antidepressants, and antipsychotics are responsible for amenorrhea.

Consult your doctor for further assistance.


Stressing is the root cause for various ailments. It strains the part of your brain called hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling hormone regulation. Stress may cause your hypothalamus go haywire. It may cause excessive bleeding or no bleeding at all.

You can start by managing stress by starting breathing exercises. Yoga, meditation, exercises or pursuing a hobby are few stress busters you can try.

Excessive Exercises

You may be surprised to see this item on this list. Excess of anything can cause some sort of disaster. The same theory applies here. Most of the times strenuous training performed by professional athletes and dancers.

Finally, we hate to mention the “P” word. If you are sexually active and all the above reasons don’t apply to you, get a pregnancy test done. Consulting your doctor is the best option here.

What do you think are the reasons for missing periods while on birth control? Comment below.

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