Every girl and woman likes to stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, but it’s often the little problems with your wardrobe that are most brain-straining. What this article is going to talk about is five easy to do and quick fashion hacks that can save you from a fashion disaster.

And while this may seem like an exaggeration, imagine yourself in an interview and noticing that the shirt you are wearing is wrinkled that makes it look like you just rolled out of bed. Now ask yourself if you would be hired for that job or any job for that matter. Probably not.

So, this list of fashion hacks will save you from embarrassment while also making life a little easier. Let’s get to it shall we:

1. Use Nail Polish To Avoid The Green Finger

Have you ever had to deal with the green finger before? Well, this is not a comic book hero we are talking about. This is a phenomenon which happens to many people who wear jewelry, especially rings which come in constant contact with the skin. When you wear a cheap ring on your finger, a few days of use can result in the inside of the ring causing the contacted area of your skin to go green.

To avoid this green finger, all you have to do is apply some clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. What happens when you do this is the polish acts as a barrier between you and your cheap ring, preventing the green finger.

Use Nail Polish To Avoid The Green Finger

2. Use Wine To Remove Other Wine Stains

Most women, including myself, enjoy their red wine but while I can hold myself with 2 to 3 glasses easily, drinking any more leads to splish-splash. This results in art on a shirt, usually my own, with a clearly visible stain from the spilled red wine.

So, how do you remove red wine stains in a jiffy? Well, with more wine of course. A cool hack I found online is to use white wine to get rid of the red wine stains on clothes. While this may seem like something that won’t work, it actually does. I know because I have tried it out and now carry a bottle of white with me to every party.

Use Wine To Remove Other Wine Stains

3. Unwrinkle Your Clothes Without An Iron

This is a really good one people and one worth sharing with your friends. Going back to our example of your wrinkled shirt during an interview, this can help you avoid those mishaps. If you have a couple of clothes that are dry but wrinkled and you don’t have a steamer close by, you should use this trick for wrinkle-free clothes.

To unwrinkle your clothes without an iron or steamer, all you have to do is take a handful of ice and add them to your dryer along with your wrinkled clothes. Let the dryer tumble dry them for about 10 minutes which you get ready for your interview before taking them out. You will surely notice that your clothes are now wrinkle-free.

Unwrinkle Your Clothes Without An Iron

4. Fashion Hack To Finding Perfectly Sized Jeans Without Trying Them Out

While we all love to go shopping for clothes, it can be a real hassle to try out different pairs of clothes again and again until you find one pair that fits perfectly. And if you are shopping during peak times, you might just have to wait 5 minutes for a trail room to get free which can be a real drag, especially if your boyfriend is losing his chops because your shopping is making him miss the football match.

This hack is perfect for those of you searching for a way to find the right sized pants without having to put them on first. All you have to do is take the jeans and put the waistband of the pants around your neck. If the jeans fit around your neck, they will also fit around your waist.

Finding Perfectly Sized Jeans

5. Avoid Creating Or Making Tight Runs Worse In Seconds

We all hate it when we realize that the tights we are wearing are ripped because of all the fun we were having at work. Well, if you have had to deal with tight runs before, this is the hack that you should remember because no one wants to be buying a new set of tights every two weeks.

The simple method of avoiding tight runs is to apply some hairspray onto the tights after you have worn them. This hack also works if your tights already have ripped as the hairspray prevents them from ripping them further. The way this trick works is because the sticky particles in the hairspray help keep the fabric of the tights together, preventing rips.

Tights Runs

Well, there you go ladies, these were the five easy and quick fashion hacks that can save you from a fashion disaster and make life a little easier.

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