Getting your husband or boyfriend the perfect gift can be both easy and difficult. For some men, you know exactly what they want or need. However, this list presents you with 40 gifts for men who have everything.

1. Electric Scooter:

Electric Scooter

Everyone loved riding a scooter when they were younger. So, why should your man not be able to enjoy this childhood experience today? But why settle for a regular scooter when you can get him an electric scooter.

2. Gymnastic Rings:

Gymnastic Rings

Working out with these gymnastic rings in the garage gym will be a new workout he will love. The adjustable nylon straps are high-quality and can take up to 300lbs of weight. This is a great gift if your man is into fitness but doesn’t like going to the gym.

3. Manly Man Soap:

Manly Man Soap

Until now, he has had to use the same brand of soap and shampoo that you purchased. But after getting this gift, he will feel like a pampered man who doesn’t have to go out smelling like passion fruit.

4. Wooden Toothbrush Holder:

Wooden Toothbrush Holder

This wooden toothbrush holder can be made from any old piece of wood you have lying around. This can help his bathroom have a more masculine feel to it.

5. Classic Wooden Comb:

Classic Wooden Comb

This quality gift is great for every guy who likes to make sure his hair-do is always perfect. Additionally, the classic wood finish means that he can take it around without it looking cheap either.

6. Wooden Steampunk Pepper Mill:

Wooden Steampunk Pepper Mill

If your man loves kitchen gadgets and steampunk, you’ve got your perfect gift right here. This pepper mill is made from elmwood and coated metal alloy and is a thoughtful gift idea.

7. Wine Basket:

Wine Basket

For your man who loves wine tastings, this is a great gift. Wine baskets are a great way to expand the palette without spending $50 on every bottle of wine. You never know, your husband may just find his next favorite wine in the basket you gift him.

8. NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Beer Flight:

NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Beer Flight

This beer flight is handmade from real NHL game-used hockey sticks, along with the battle scars it sustained over its life. It even comes with an ID number, a holographic label, and details about the game it was used in. A great gift for anyone who is a diehard NHL fan.

9. Foam Paddle Board Package:

Foam Paddle Board Package

If he enjoys water sports, this foam paddleboard package gives him everything he needs to start his marine adventure. The package comes with the foam board, paddle, fin, bungee, and a camera mount.

10. Moonshiner Liquor Dispenser:

Moonshiner Liquor Dispenser

This garage-find comes with two bottle holders and a shot glass to let your man enjoy a personal bartender experience. This is a great gift for someone who wants a cool drinking buddy.

11. Standard Dispatch Subscription Box:

Standard Dispatch Subscription Box

This gift can get your man several personalized items, including a leather journal, knife, and hammer. Each item is sent once a month for his personal collection.

12. Healing Cuticle Balm:

Healing Cuticle Balm

Spending all day in an air-conditioned office can really dry out his skin. So, get him this healing cuticle balm that can help deal with the cracked, damaged, and dry skin. This balm is made from an herbal blend of ingredients and has a pleasant scent.

13. Beer Brewing Kit:

Beer Brewing Kit

Men love beer almost as much as they enjoy sex. However, your man will be ecstatic if you gift him a Beer Brewing Kit. This lets him brewing his own beer in the garage or man cave. The kit comes with enough ingredients for 5 gallons of beer with more available online.

14. Root Beer Making Kit:

Root Beer Making Kit

The only thing better than root beer is homemade root beer. In fact, this is the opportunity you have to make your husband’s brewery dream come true. He can make both alcoholic and nonalcoholic root beer with this one.

15. Classy Gold USB Cufflinks:

Classy Gold USB Cufflinks

If your man wears a suit and shirt to work, these cufflinks set is a great gift. These USB Cufflinks will definitely make him feel like he is in a James Bond movie when he walks into the office in the morning.

16. The Book, What If? Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions:

What If? Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

This book by xkcd answers some really random questions in a clear, precise, and scientific way. This book is a great read for men who enjoy reading light-hearted reads.

17. Wishbeads Intention Bracelets:

Wishbeads Intention Bracelets

Get him to write down his wishes and place it inside the wishbead bracelet. After that, just let the Law of Attraction work its magic and see his wish fulfilled.

18. Bungee Organizer:

Bungee Organizer

This is a great gift for the men who have plenty of cables and extension wires that could be better organized. This also helps with managing hoses in the backyard too.

19. Meat Tenderizer Needle:

Meat Tenderizer Needle

If your man enjoys his steak, he is going to enjoy using the meat tenderizing needle. With this gift, his cooking time will be cut down while the taste of his BBQ meat will reach the next level.

20. Smart Ukulele:

Smart Ukulele

If he wants to learn a new instrument fast, a smart ukulele is a great choice. This is a smart ukulele as it’s liked to your electronic device with its app, giving him the guidance he needs to improve quickly.

21. Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If your man loves listening to music but hates earphones, get him a portable Bluetooth speaker. These have hours of battery life, are easy to carry around, and are often waterproof.

22. Airzooka:


This is like a legal bazooka. But instead of sending out rockets, this one can blast bursts of air to up to 20 feet in distance. This can be a great way for him to play with the kids and also enjoy knocking down things in the house with wind power.

23. Wood Grain Flask:

Wood Grain Flask

Having a flask can either make him look classy or like a 60s detective. However, this wood-finish flask will always look stylish.

24. Vintage Locker Tags:

Vintage Locker Tags

These cool locker tags can look great on file folders as well as on his toolbox. This is a great gift that he will definitely make use of every day.

25. Activated Charcoal Car Odor Eliminator:

Activated Charcoal Car Odor Eliminator

If he doesn’t like the chemical fragrances in regular car fresheners, get him this charcoal car odor eliminator. This works well and can last up to a year.

26. Desktop Stress Punching Bag:

Desktop Stress Punching Bag

This is a punching bag that can be attached to his desk. He can use it to get rid of the pent up stress from work as well as doing something fun while being at work.

27. Cityscape Cufflinks:

Cityscape Cufflinks

You can buy your husband a set of cityscape cufflinks that will match his suit. There are seven different cities to choose from and it’s made from Sterling Silver.

28. Multitool Tread Bracelet:

Multitool Tread Bracelet

This stylish and function gift is great for any man who wants to be ready for any problem with his multi-tool. The bracelet is inconspicuous and TSA compliant, making it great daily-wear.

29. The Barbeque Briefcase:

The Barbeque Briefcase

If your man claims the backyard barbeque his domain of expertise, you can’t go wrong with the Barbeque Briefcase. This gift includes the perfect cooking utensils that will make him look like a professional chef in front of his boys.

30. Leather Catch-All:

Leather Catch-All

This gift is great for men who keep misplacing their wallets, keys, and other items. It looks great and works like magic.

31. Wooden Phone Docking Station:

Wooden Phone Docking Station

This wooden docking station has enough space for his phone, charger, watch, keys, and wallet. This is a great gift that he will be able to benefit from for years to come, and he will think of you every time he sees it.

32. Marble Weighted Charging Dock (Apple Watch):

Marble Weighted Charging Dock (Apple Watch)

This charging station is a great gift for men who have an Apple watch. It’s made from real marble and looks elegant and beautiful.

33. Digital Thermometer Forks For Meat:

Digital Thermometer Forks For Meat

If he loves cooking his stack every weekend on the barbeque, get him this digital meat thermometer fork. This cool gadget can accurate tell you how well done the stack is based on the temperature inside.

34. All-Weather Emergency Fire Starter:

All-Weather Emergency Fire Starter

This portable fire starter is great for him if he enjoys camping and surviving in the wild. It can attach to his keychain and can be a lifesaver in emergencies, giving him that boost in confidence he needs to truly enjoy the great outdoors.

35. Premium Cigar Club Subscription Box:

Premium Cigar Club Subscription Box

This gift is perfect for cigar lovers as it lets them try out five different cigars a month. Each cigar is handmade with a variety of tobacco blends from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

36. T-Shirts From Dogs On Bikes:

T-Shirts From Dogs On Bikes

For the dog-lovers out there, these hilarious, soft, and stylish T-shirts from ‘Dogs on Bikes’ are a great gift. I found 15 different breeds on their designs for you to pick from.

37. Garage Gas Pump:

Garage Gas Pump

Men always claim that they have foreseen all the roadside emergencies. But we know the truth, right? For your guy who likes going outdoors or owns gas-powered lawn equipment, this garage gas pump is a great way to refuel at home.

38. Exploding Kittens Card Game:

Exploding Kittens Card Game

This NSFW card game is a slightly inappropriate game that you shouldn’t try playing with your kids. Instead, he may have a ball playing Exploding Kittens with his friends on game night.

39. Jedi Bath Robe:

Jedi Bath Robe

While he may have his soft Bath Robe, I bet he doesn’t have this Jedi Bath Robe. He will be able to train to master the Force while he gets ready for work or while chilling at home on the weekends.

40. Japanese Bamboo And Leather Watch:

Japanese Bamboo And Leather Watch

For the men who have everything, including a quality timepiece, a bamboo watch may pique their interest. This watch is made out of bamboo and leather with fine engravings and a stylish feel.

This list of gifts for men who have everything is not exhaustive. You can find several hundreds of other ideas online. That said, out of all these, my favorites were the Airzooka and the Jedi Bath Robe.

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