4 Items That Are Cheaper On Cyber Monday Instead Of Black Friday

We are always excited to rush to our closest Best Buys on Black Friday but did you know that while there are many great deals to be had during Black Friday, you can get even better deals on Cyber Monday? If you didn’t know this or if you want to know more about why many smart customers are saving up for the Cyber Monday deals instead of the Black Friday deals, keep reading this article.

Cyber Monday is just a few days out on November 27, and we have just compiled a list of products you are better off buying on Monday instead of Black Friday. However, be sure to take these tips as guidelines and make sure that the items you want are in fact cheaper on Monday before deciding to make the purchase online.

Cyber Monday Sale

There are some benefits of Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday including not having to deal with crowds, queues, disgruntled employees, and transportation issues since online shopping doesn’t require you to deal with any of these problems. So, let’s get down to the list of items you are better off buying on Cyber Monday:

Vacation Packages & Travel

If you and your family are thinking about your next vacation to Bali or Dubai, Cyber Monday is the time to book your tickets. When it comes to deals on travel and vacations, Cyber Mondayis much better than Black Friday because it has way more Editors’ Choice deals than Black Friday. Last year, Black Friday had one editors’ deal while Cyber Monday had seven. So, you can imagine what it’s going to be like this year.

And it’s not just flight tickets that are available on Cyber Monday since you can also get your hotel stay on the cheap as well. Last year, according to our research, around 48% of the Cyber Monday deals were for vacations and hotels while flights took up 20% of the deals. So, this ended up with only 30% of the deals being for shopping for goods.

Vacation Packages And Travel

Athletic Shoes

Shoes are something all women need and want. And when it comes to discounts of your favorite shoes, some people go crazy. But what most people don’t realize is that instead of scrambling to find a shoe that fits on Black Friday, you could get a better deal on Cyber Monday. However, the most commonly seen deals on Cyber Monday are on athletic shoes and sneakers, not on stilettos and pumps. So, if casual or gym shoes are what you are looking for, Cyber Monday is your answer.

Athletic Shoes

Mid-Tier Laptops

According to our research, last year, Cyber Monday had better deals on Laptops compared to Black Friday. Online shoppers will be happy to hear that the discounts were much better on Cyber Monday because of more Editors’ Choice discounts. However, Black Friday did have a greater number of deals on Laptops.

But comparing the prices of mid-tier laptops, Cyber Monday had better prices compared to Black Friday. Another thing that you should know about Black Friday is that while there are many doorbuster deals, these deals are usually for starter products including cheap laptops. While the prices for these products are usually low, the reason for the doorbuster deals, they often have to be upgraded or replaced in six months. So, you are better off getting a better quality laptop on Cyber Monday.

Mid-Tier Laptops

Kitchen Appliances

Black Friday is known to be great for small kitchen appliances, but it’s Cyber Monday that takes the crown when it comes to kitchenware. The reason for the misconception about kitchenware deals is because the Black Friday deals ads are filled with small kitchen appliances making it look like it’s the time to buy a new oven. The research suggests that you can get better deals on kitchen appliances on Cyber Monday.

Kitchen Appliances

There you go ladies, these were some of the products that you are better off buying on Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday.

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