Koreans do everything differently, whether it is food or skincare. The long and ritualistic skincare routine is amazing. It takes a long time to get hold of this skincare routine but when you do the results are long lasting and awesome.

Here are the 10 steps of Korean skincare routine:

Step 1: Remove Makeup

To let the beneficial and nutritious skincare products reach the innermost layer of the skin, you need to get rid of the layer of makeup. The foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow have all formed a layer to make your skin look flawless. Also, there could be build up environmental pollutants may have stuck into the pores of your skin. With a cotton pad and makeup remover, you can break the makeup and rinse off the makeup. An oil cleanser is the best thing to remove that stubborn makeup and start your Korean skin care routine.

Step 2: Wash Face With Water Based Cleanser

Now you may look like a panda with the mascara and eyeshade still in the pores of your skin. With the cleanser, you can remove the oil, dirt, and residue in the pores of the skin. This will help your skin to absorb the nourishing skin products you are about to put on your skin. A water-based cleanser will help you remove all the residue that might have left back after using the oil cleanser. Use a water based or foaming cleanser by rubbing it in circular motions.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Sloughing off dead skin is the crucial step in Korean skin care routine. It gives polished look to your skin. It will help the pores to clear and make space for the other skincare products to mingle. Take a small amount on your fingertips and gently massage in circular motions. Remember not to scrub roughly.

Step 4: Toning

Sprinkle some toner directly on your face, if possible or else just apply it with your fingertips. Toner helps balance your skin’s pH levels and preps your skin with a bit of hydration to better absorb your following skin care treatments.

Step 5: Essence

An essence is a toner and serum hybrid which hydrates and aids the skin repair and cell regeneration.  This is the most important step in the Korean skin care routine. After double cleansing, your skin needs a nourishing liquid concentrate that enhances our skin renewal process. Essence leads to increase in elasticity and firmness to the face. Just pray it on your face, tap it with your fingers and let your skin absorb this wonderful agent.

Step 6: Serums, Boosters & Ampoules

This is where the skin treatment really starts. Now ,you can focus on your problem area. Whether it is dry skin or pore reduction, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne or skin brightening. Just pat the product on your face. The serums and ampoules are products with concentrated and active ingredients.

Step 7: Sheet Mask

Considered as the superheroes of the skincare in Korea, sheet masks are infused with ingredients that pamper the skin. There are various types of masks and can be targeted towards specific skin problem. Just put it on for 15-20 minutes for once or twice a week.

Step 8: Eye Serum

To treat the most delicate skin on the body, eye serums are your safest bets. They gently penetrate into your skin, repairs, locks in the moisture and protect the fragile skin from further harm. Using your ring finger gently tap in the serum into your skin. Remember not to rub or go anywhere near the waterline.

Step 9: Moisturize

Once all the problem areas are tackled, you can now move on to an essential step of Korean skincare routine, moisturization. A well-moisturized skin can keep away all the skin problems and is the shortest route to a dewy glowing skin. Pat some moisturizer on the skin and seal in the nutrients your skin has gained from all the above steps.

Step 10: Sun Protection

Now that damaged skin has been taken care of, it is your turn to protect it from further damage. Apply a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and also throughout the day, as needed. Sunscreens are the original anti aging products as they prevent premature skin aging. It can shield your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays without being diluted by all your prior skin care products.

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