Black Friday is tomorrow and you are just a day away from everything you and your family needs while saving a ton of cash. But are you prepared? Do you have your list ready? Have you scouted out the Black Friday deals you want? Have you made a list of items sorting with the priority that you want or need to buy? Well, these and a few more questions are what you should be asking yourself before Friday arrives with its storm of sales, discounts, and deals.

Black Friday Sale

Lucky for you, we have just prepared an expert guide on some of the Black Friday shopping tips for you to come out happy and satisfied.

Plan Out Your Shopping With A Priority List

It will be so chaotic tomorrow that if you don’t plan your shopping, you are going to lose out on the best deals. So, to avoid this loss, make sure that you know which deals and discounts you want to get beforehand. You can do this by taking a look at the Black Friday ads on your phone or TV. Make sure that you plan your trips depending on the priority list prepared and the store opening timings. And keep this shopping plan feasible by including breaks, lunch and rest between your trips. Also, keep an eye out on the size of the boxes you will be getting to make sure that they fit inside your vehicle properly. You could even go all-out with a U-Haul if you think you are going to shop a truckload.

Keep An Eye Out For Additional Benefits From Stores

There are a lot of variables you need to understand to prepare for Black Friday shopping including store opening times, in-store promotions, shopping policies and special services for early-birds. The stores usually extend these special benefits to people who come early to stand in line for a particular item. While these are limited in numbers, if you know your priorities and plan properly, you can get a great deal while having access to goods before everyone else. One such store that gives early birds wristbands for select items is Walmart. Target and H&M, on the other hand, don’t give additional benefits for early birds where it’s first come, first serve when the store opens.

Waiting For Store Opening

Make A Budget For This Year’s Black Friday & Stick To It

Never go shopping without planning your budget because, without a fixed number to keep you grounded, you are bound to overspend. This happens more often than you think and can lead to some serious debt for many Americans. Make sure that you follow the budget you have created so that you can avoid impulse buys because no matter how cool your new outdoor barbeque is, it’s going to be useless if you live in an apartment without a backyard.

Split Up To Cover More Ground

The great deals during Black Friday end up being snatched up very quickly with many electronics and phones becoming sold-out in just a few minutes of the store being open. So, if you have to buy multiple products of equal importance from different stores? Well, you can first make a list of the goods you want to buy. Second, split this list depending on the store and location. Third, split up with each responsible adult family member going to one store for fulfilling that particular shopping list. You can also enlist the help of friends and neighbors and settle the bill after you all finish the shopping.

Split Up To Cover More Ground

Be Ready For Anything This Black Friday

During Black Friday, the staff at the store is going to be so busy with the flood of customers so you will need to fend for yourself by being well-prepared. This includes toilet paper because you don’t want to go to the loo and find that the stall has no toilet paper. According to Black Friday veterans we talked to, you should have a few items in a big purse including quick snacks, drinking water, wallet, toilet paper, pen and paper, tissue, hand sanitizer and a small first aid kit. With this list of items, you will be well prepared for Black Friday.

Don’t Be Blinded By Cheap Deals

For Black Friday, many stores specially order cheap, low-quality electronics that will cause a buying frenzy for the customers who are less tech-savvy. After all, if you see a new laptop for just $60, won’t you be tempted? The way the stores make money with these items is by buying less known brands that have a short lifespan, limited warranty, and just your basic functional product. Unfortunately, these products often have to be repaired or replaced in 6 months which make them a bad investment. Instead of this, go for the brands that you know are good and see if you can get the best deal for your desired product.

Buy Quality Products

Try To Get A Price Match With ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’

Many stores have a Lowest Price Guarantee that can help you get an even better deal when shopping this Black Friday. To achieve this, all you have to do is bring the copies of Black Friday ads to the store and ask the staff politely that you would like to buy the product from them if they match the mentioned price. However, before you try this tip, check if the store hasn’t temporarily suspended the Lowest Price Guarantee during Black.

Dress Sensibly For The Occasion

Know that shopping during Black Friday will be a very crowded experience which will almost certainly make you sweat. So, it’s best to be smart about what you wear so that you have a pleasant time during shopping. Make sure that you are wearing shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in as well as wearing thin layered clothes which you can take off and put back on when needed. You should wear clothes with loads of pockets so that you can quickly stash the receipts while exiting the store as well as keeping the random bits and pieces, like an energy bar and your wallet.

Dress Sensibly When Shopping

Keep The Kids At Home

This should be an obvious one but too many people make the mistake of bringing the kids to Black Friday shopping. The shopping experience is hectic, stressful and disorienting for the adults, so imagine what would happen if you brought your kids with you. It’s best that you leave your kids at home with the nanny so that you can get the most out of Black Friday without worrying about your kids dehydrating or becoming cranky.

Shop For The Full Black Friday Season

Don’t blow your budget on just the first day since most Black Friday deals are set up so that they are available for the next few days. Some deals can even run until Christmas which can help you with planning your spending and shopping this Black Friday. When you budget your money, make sure that you keep the shopping period in mind as you just might find a better deal later on.

Shop For The Full Black Friday Season

The best part about Black Friday is that there is always a great deal waiting for you if you are smart about your shopping that is. So, we suggest that you follow these 10 Black Friday shopping tips for the best shopping experience. Let the shopping spree begin!

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