With the growing women empowerment taking place worldwide, it is a well observed fact that more and more women are turning out to be young and ambitious entrepreneurs who are on their way of hitting the pathway of success. However with the women empowerment, technology update also plays a vital role especially if you are working on a technological start up.

During the booming stage of an economy just like the period of 1999 and like the year of 2014, you might be influenced to be an entrepreneur. Women are educated and you see new MBA’s who usually would have joined the corporate industry and instead are making the choice of starting up their own techno firm and heading forward in life.

However, there are big companies such as Oracle or even HP which make the abrupt jump of not wanting to miss out on the gold rush. These big companies have started finding like minded cofounders in women who also want to join in a start up scene and have a brainstorm of fresh and new ideas which makes the business grow.

Awareness of technology has helped women go place and by buying a wheel barrow, these women can ensure to get loans from the banks whereby the acquisition offers to start to come in the profit kitty of being an entrepreneur. Big companies have started to respect and understand technologically aware women as these women have proved to be passionate and self driven about a problem and have the ability to solve the same thus bringing their company to life. Therefore you see many women attending tech conferences and found present at various launch parties, thus keeping themselves abreast with the latest technology which will enable them to fulfill their primary business goals.


Technologically aware women manage to get rich by being an entrepreneur as they come up with ideas that do not really come up with the regular ideas, but instead have the ability to think out of the box that proves to have an insight and interest. For e.g. you can launch an e-commerce site having a couple of barriers to enter the site which can generate interest and inquisitive in people and this helps to grow your business.

Below mentioned are some important and basic tips that can helps women with regards to a Tech Start Up.

Be a perfectionist at any one task. Choose the field accordingly such as engineer, designer, product manager, marketer, sales, Information Technology, etc. It is a touch task running a tech start up if you are not an expert in the given field and lack of knowledge will not allow you to promote your business.

Dig in as deep as you can. Many of the big companies are known to be created using the proprietary knowledge of the specific field for e.g. Ad technology, insurance, supply chain management, information security, etc.

Before you start your own start up, it is recommended joining a good start up and learning the tactics of the trade. If you do not have any idea where you might possess the proprietary knowledge or passion, learn the trade from founders who have immense knowledge. Join the team at an early stage and contribute in whatever manner you can. This will help you get exposed to more ideas which will prove to be of benefit in the future.

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