While observing a woman, one will definitely mention what outfit she is wearing, but also what shoes, bag, and head-wear she is matching them with. Whether she wears her lengths loose or pulls them into a soft updo; and finally, what accessories she opts for to make her holistic outfit. Be that woman, by following the accessories trend of the season.

Here some accessories you should try this summer.

Cuff and Bauble Bracelets

Cuffs and bracelets are timeless pieces we can’t get enough of. They are being repeated year after year. In 2016’s fashion shows these we repeated in different designs and materials, worn alone or in pairs, on one waist or on both.

There are cuff bangles have the shape of metallic braids with precious stones peeping in between, at times worn with pairs on one waist.

Beaded cuff bracelets as well and metallic ones with various textures are popular right now. There are golden bracelets so massive and heavy that cover the whole arm thus morphing into armor.

Brooches Are Back

When we see young models strutting down the runways flashing luxurious brooches, we tend to forget the fact we used to associate brooches with old ladies.

Multiple bejeweled brooches like the ladybird or the eye-shaped ones attached to the neckties, in the center of the scarves tied in the bow shape or on the collar are quite hot this summer. Older classic ones like floral can also be attached to collars on pinned to shoulders.

Silver stars are decorating the collars of the shirts, while a violet-green plastic flower has found its comfortable place in the chest pocket of the matching blazer. Multiple brooches on a jacket may seem like an old fashion but that’s the look of the season.

Unmatching Earrings

Matching earrings are last season and pairing two separate earrings together is the most innovative trend of the season. Some are slightly different with tiny changes whereas some are totally different have nothing in common.

They can be seen in different colors and shapes. Try to incorporate this style subtly by pairing earrings of same colors or tones. Elongated earrings with different geometrical shaped details at the edges would you an edgy look. One more innovative idea would be to have same shape earrings with different tones.

Unmatching Earrings

Massive Intricate Jewelry

Futuristic accessories are all the rage of the season. Heavy massive jewelry designs, some apocalyptic vibes have made a start in giving rise to the next charming accessory trend for 2016. There massive and labyrinthine drop earrings that you literally get lost in them. Golden chokers that seem to have been snapped up straight from a battlefield especially when matched with similar heavy headwear ending in massive plate earrings can be worn with a simple outfit.

Massive Acessories

Flora and Fauna Inspired Jewelry

Floral, fruity and animal motifs are always favs of many designers but they have inspired the jewelry designers this year to incorporate them into accessories. 2016 runways were seen showcasing women’s neck gracefully decorated with iridescent flowers.

A whole slew of garment pieces all covered with floral patterns or appliqués and an array of floral accessories styling the models’ hair were seen on the runway this year.

Flora and Fauna Acessories

Which of these did you like and which you think we missed? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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