Trending Cosmetics And Skincare Topics Of 2016

Shopping for cosmetics and skincare burns a hole in our pocket. When we put on makeup we are worried it may harm our skin and when we don’t, we think we don’t look pretty enough. Yes, we know inner beauty doesn’t need makeup. But sometimes, it’s inevitable. What if we tell you that you needn’t spend fortune on skincare and makeup products. In recent years there is a trend of combining skincare and cosmetics. Also there are new drugs being approved by FDA, which can prove to be a milestone in cosmetic industry. Read on to know more.


Boosters are concentrated fluid formulas whose advantages depend on their key ingredients. They are formulated to be mixed with your current moisturizer, prescription product or any skincare product of your choice.  Some can be used to increase hydration, slow down aging skin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Makeup With Skin Care Benefits

Makeup with skincare benefits have been around for very long time. But it had a disappointing start because of the negligible amount of ingredients in them. Today you can find products that actually work. A lot foundations, BB/CC creams and concealers are formulated with active ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, retinol and other ingredients responsible for skin repair. This year we’ll see a lot of brands stepping up their game in this category.

SPF In Everything

The latest trend of including SPF in makeup products such as foundations, powders, eye shadows and lip gloss is welcomed by the consumers with open arms. Especially, eye shadow and lip gloss. Eyelids and lips are often neglected when it comes to sun protection. An eye shadow and a lip gloss with SPF in it save time as well as money.


Recent research has shown benefits of niacinamide in slowing down the skin aging. More and more positive results are coming through. Niacinamide has proved to improve elasticity of skin, regulating pore size and evening skin tone. This drug has also shown potential to fight breakouts and wrinkles caused by acne. Hope this works out.

Essences And Other Water-Like Products

The category of skincare essences and water like is booming this year. A lot of doors been opened for people with oily and acne prone skin. There are upcoming cosmetics with lighter than water consistency as blend easily in any other product be it a moisturizer or a foundation.

Fatty Acids

If fatty acids are good for our body than why can’t they be good for our skin? No, this is not a marketing gimmick. These fatty acids in skincare product will protect skin from oxidative damage meaning a better, younger looking skin.


Facial masks provide with that extra pampering your skin needs to look hydrated and youthful. Many powerhouse companies like L’Oreal and Estée Lauder have already invested in brands that specialize in masks. You may expect this trend to blow up big.

High-Tech Beauty Gadgets And Apps

Don’t be surprised if you were to see tech based skincare tools and apps in the market. This trend is huge in Europe right now.

Kybella For Double Chin

FDA has approved use of Kybella for the treatment of double chin. This is a non-surgical procedure and a safe way to remove fat from a hard to treat area i.e. under your chin. This is less costly than a lower face lift.

With all these exciting trends coming up, we feel this a great year for skincare and cosmetics. Let us know what you feel  about our top 10 Skincare Trends.

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