Stemologica KitStemologica is a natural anti-aging kit that proves a non-invasive method of revitalizing the skin and giving it a youthful glow. As per Stemologica’s makers, once consumer uses this anti aging product they will notice that their skin will slowly bloom and become flawless. Stemologica kit includes everything that can turn the skin into that healthier and youthful look. Imagine skin that is clear, smooth and glowing with health. According to users, the signs of aging on the skin look less prominent. Healthy skin is no longer just a delusion or part of wishful thinking. You can experience full beauty treatment at home, without any painful invasive procedures that take the joy and cash away.

Stemologica Ingredients:

Stemologica ingredients can treat not just the signs of aging, but a great way to maintain one’s youthful glow. The natural ingredients that make this skin care product stand out are the natural stem cells extracted from Swiss green apples. Stemologica also consists of minerals, Dead Sea Salts and Black Mud. Collectively these ingredients will all work to make skin that is both clear and healthy.

The green neon colored apples is found in remote area of Switzerland. This species of apple is dull and sour and is almost extinct. According to the scientists, this particular species of green apples can overturn aging and can improve the state of human cells. There are even reports of hair growth. Science has found a way to tap into this fruit’s stem cell and include this with skin cream to fight off aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Dead Sea salts are popularly known to use for skin care exfoliation. Even spa uses these to rub out the dark and dried surface of the skin so that the loveliness within is discovered to the outside world. Primarily, the uses of Dead Sea salt are to deal with skin disorders, detoxify the body and even to prevent sickness. In other words, Dead Sea salt is use to promote health and wellness. This is not like the ordinary table salt use for cooking. This salt consists of lower sodium content. The result, the skin is nutritious as it feeds on the nutrients found on this type of salt.

Another ingredient that makes Stemologica work is the active Dead Sea Black Mud. This is no ordinary mud because it has the knack to stimulate blood circulation. This means, oxygen flows smoothly into the skin. The skin is stimulated and there is that healthy looking skin.

Claims Made By The Makers Of Stemologica:

  • Reduces deep wrinkles.
  • Offers skin hydration.
  • Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Deals with various signs of aging like dark circles and eradicates visible fine lines.
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  • Gives healing especially for the most common form of skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  • Easy to use skin care kit.

The makers claim to get the desired results in just two weeks of its proper use. You only have to ensure that you use it regularly as directed. Perform skin testing to confirm for skin irritation before using Stemologica. If irritation occurs, you may be allergic to certain ingredients, so it is best to stop using it.

Bottom Line:

There is a 14 day free trial on Stemologica allowing anyone to try if it works, but you need to be very cautious and return the product and cancel your automatic shipment in time. If you don’t return the product within the specified trial period, company will charge for the full cost of £149.95. Some customers are unaware of this and think that they will just need to pay $5.95 for the shipment of the trial pack. When the trial period ends, there goes the higher amount of billing.

The makers of Stemologica have covered themselves legally in their terms, but there are going to be complaints from people who have signed up for the trial who will feel upset once they realize just how much they will be charged. That is why it is important that you check the terms and conditions before entering your payment information. As such, Stemologica is not a recommended product  for the treatment of signs of aging on the skin.

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