Sihu Skincare CreamThe 21st century has seen internet turning out to be useful and entertaining. But the internet can also be a dangerous place. The anti-aging skincare market is booming online with unprecedented and exponential growth. Some manufacturers have unknowingly taken advantage of the unsuspecting consumers by offering shady free trial samples that are supposed to be “Risk Free Trials”. But are they really free or are there terms and conditions cleverly hidden in the fine print, unreadable to normal eyes? Is the product even worth the amount you are made to pay?

Revlon founder Charles Revson said, “The skincare business, when it comes down to it, is selling “hope in a jar.”” One such hope in a jar is Sihu Skin Care Cream.

Let’s speculate whether Sihu Skin Care Cream is a scam or not.

Unreliable Ingredients In Sihu Skin Care Cream

Sihu Skin Care Cream may appear very enticing to consumers. With many bold claims about the cream’s ability to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, and providing results similar to Botox, what’s not to like? However, as with any new skin care product, looking at the ingredient list is the only way to assess if Sihu Skin Care Cream is truly right for you. Further, speaking to a dermatologist and reading unbiased customer reviews can alert you.

The lack of information regarding these ingredients is quite disturbing. Every woman should be concerned about what is she applying on her skin and whether the ingredients have suficient scientific backing.


Trylagen PCB is a blend of peptides which are known to relax facial muscles. When used for long period of time this may cause your skin to sag. There are no other ingredients in the cream to counter these effects of Trylagen PCB.  This may help you reduce wrinkles and fine line but may give you more skin problems to deal with.

Sihu Skin Care Cream Side Effects

The most pertinent concern with Sihu Skin Care Cream is the potential for side effects of the ingredients. The ingredients are known to cause redness, irritation and skin peeling in the first weeks of use. Another botanical ingredient like Gatuline has no proven effects or side effects.

There are reports of it causing an allergic reaction for those with plant sensitivities. To reduce the potential for serious Sihu Skin Care Cream side effects, it’s advisable to speak with a dermatologist and conduct a thorough skin patch test before regular use.

Fine Prints Hide All Terms And Conditions

One of the culprits for Sihu Skin Care Cream being called a scam is the fine print, which is usually printed in a light gray or white color so that it is practically unreadable for the customer. When you sign up for the so-called “Risk Free Trial” the invisible small print you’re not meant to read explains, you’ve unknowingly agreed to an auto-ship program, if you don’t cancel within 14 days, they can charge your credit card for the “full value” of the “free trial” product they sent you.


So, technically speaking, Sihu Skin Care might not be an exact scam, but it sure is shady.

So have you been a victim of such a scam? Share your experience with us and let us know which skincare product has duped your hard earned money?

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