Collagen is a protein produced by your body that helps to hold your skin together, giving it firmness and elasticity required for youthful look. Unfortunately, as we age the production of this protein slows down, while the existing levels available in your body can become damaged by exposure to the sun and pollution. However, you don’t have to accept wrinkles and sagging skin as there is a way to naturally increase your collagen levels, by using a product such as Novus Anti Aging Serum.

Novus Anti-aging Serum

Novus Anti Aging Serum is a clinically proven natural anti-aging skin care serum that claims to be “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”. How does Novus Anti Aging Serum work though? As it is available for trial there are doubts that the offer is as good as claimed. In this review we will see whether this is worth to buy.

Benefits Claimed By Novus Anti Aging Serum:

  • Increase in skin moisturization by 84%.
  • Reduction in micro wrinkles by 95%.
  • Increase in skin elasticity by 73%.
  • Boosts collagen production.
  • Rejuvenates your skin.
  • Brightens dark circles.
  • No need for surgical injections.
  • Contains scientifically proven ingredients.

It is easy to get carried away by such claims, which is why it is always best to check if there is proof to back them up. It is recommended to check the ingredients of Novus Anti Aging Serum.


Ingredients Of Novus Anti Aging Serum:

Novus Anti Aging Serum is specifically formulated emulsion of carefully selected ingredients. Once applied it stays smooth, flexible, and does not break or flake like some other products. It gently pulls the skin tighter and smooth’s out the surface of the skin. This formula can repair and rejuvenate the damaged skin to generate skin cells for a newer stunning state skin. The makers claim that Novus Anti Aging Serum skin care has undergone series of scientific studies and clinical tests, in order to make sure that this skin care product is safe and gentle.

Cost Of Novus Anti Aging Serum:

The initial cost of Novus Anti Aging Serum is just $4.95, which covers the cost of shipping fee. If this was the only cost then that you could have GIVEN Novus Anti Aging Serum a try, however this is not the case. Just 14 days after signing up for the offer you will be charged again, this time for $98.41.

You will also soon realize that you have been signed up for an auto-ship program, so will be charged each month thereafter too. These charges and deliveries will continue each month until your subscription to this scheme is cancelled.

Novus Anti-aging Serum Review

Contact Details Of  Novus Anti Aging Serum:

If you wish to contact Novus Anti Aging Serum you will need to phone them on: (866) 537-4552 – Monday-Friday 5:00am to 1:00am EST and weekends from 10:00am to 5pm EST.

Email Support:

Is Novus Anti Aging Serum Recommended?

There is no proof to back up its claims and it is expensive too. Also there is no mention of any of the ingredients found in this anti-wrinkle cream. There is an alternative that is much better value for money.

Alternative To Novus Anti Aging Serum:

While Novus Anti Aging Serum is not recommended, other product that we would recommend is Kollagen Intensiv. This cream can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while also helping to smooth and firm your skin. There is also no need to worry about hidden charges as it is not available on trial offer.

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