Have you faced moments whereby you are hungry to the core and yet you have no snacks readily available to chew on? Whilst it is a good idea to keep your pantry well stacked with food at all times there are instances you may run low at times. Therefore, in such instances you need to know your tricks whereby you can ensure to whip things together and make yourself a healthy treat. Below mentioned are few easy yet healthy recipes for your perusal.

1. Mexican Fiesta Dip:

The ingredients are:

2- 16-Oz of black beans. Drain and rinse them well

1- 14.25-Oz of non salted canned tomatoes

2- 11-Oz of non salted canned corn and ensure to drain the excess water

1-4.5 – Oz Drained and canned diced green chillies

½ cup of extra virgin olive oil

1/4th cup of red wine vinegar

½ table spoon of salt

1/4th table spoon of Tabasco pepper sauce

1 ripe peeled, pitted and diced avocado

2 table spoon of freshly chopped cilantro

1 packet of baked tortilla chips

Cooking Method:

Take a large bowl and mix the black beans, diced tomato, corn, green chilies, olive oil, vinegar, salt and lastly tobacco. Cover the bowl with a transparent plastic wrap and place the bowl in the refrigerator for a time span of 3-4 hours. Keep stirring at intervals. At the time of serving ensure to mix in some avocado and cilantro. Plate it up with some tortilla chips. It is a perfect snack which is sweet, spicy and colorful.

2. Artichoke Hummus:

The ingredients are:

1-14-Oz of canned artichoke hearts and ensures to drain excess water

1-15-Oz of canned garbanzo beans. You will need to drain and rinse them well.

1/4th cup of canned vegetable broth

1/4th cup of tahini paste

2-table spoon of lemon juice

1-2 cloves of garlic. Ensure to peel them and crush them well.

1 table spoon of chopped Italian Parsley. Keep some additional for garnish as well.

1 Table spoon of kosher salt

1/4th Table spoon of powdered black pepper

1/4th Table Spoon of ground cumin.

Cooking Method:

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and blend it well till the mixture becomes smooth. You can make use of additional salt and pepper for seasoning if required. Pour this mixture in a bowl and garnish the same with a dribble of olive oil, fresh parsley and little cumin. At the time of servings, toast a couple of French bread slices, cut vegetable or pita chips.

3. Artichoke & Bean Tuna Salad:

The ingredients are:

1-15-Oz canned white Northern or Cannellini beans. The same needs to be drained and rinsed.

1-15-Oz canned artichoke hearts. Needs to be drained and quartered

1 finely diced rib celery

2 table spoon of finely diced red onion

1-6-Oz of drained and flaked tuna

3 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil

1-lemon juiced and zested

1/4th cup of fresh parsley which needs to be finely chopped

Lastly kosher salt along with cracked black pepper

Cooking Method:

Mix the entire above mentioned ingredient in a big bowl. Make use of salt and pepper to season the miss. Refrigerate the bowl for 45 minutes before plating it to serve. Serve along with mixed green salad and a couple of crusty bread. You can also serve salad scooped into slices of bread.

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