You may be tired of looking older than your present age with the wrinkles and fine lines affecting your natural beauty. In order to get rid of them, many women opt for a surgery. But they end up getting a bad deal out of it as they experience various side effects on their skin. These cosmetic surgeries are not only expensive and painful, but they also don’t provide long-lasting results.

Some try anti-aging skincare products. Unfortunately, this market is filled with fake creams and serums and L’amour Skin Cream is one of them. Choosing a right skin care product is a tricky decision. However, there is wide range of anti-aging products that are available in the market but not all are effective as they claim to be.

Let’s speculate why L’amour Skin Cream is not an ideal skincare product for your skin.

Ingredients Are Not Reliable

L’amour Skin Cream claims to include natural ingredients in its proprietary blend.

Oat kernel in L’amour Skin Cream is supposed to soothe, moisturize and repair the damage caused by exposure to sun and pollution. But there is no evidence or a clinical study supporting this claim.

Blackberry has anti-aging and antioxidant properties when consumed orally. But when it comes to topical application there are no studies which support this claim.

Same applies for Acai fruit Oil in L’amour Skin Cream.

Retinol in L’amour Skin Cream makes the skin red and more sensitive. It turns skin a pinkish shade, especially immediately upon application, and they make your skin feel prickly for one to two days afterward. You can get slight itching, particularly on the cheek area. This comes from the speed up of cell turnover, kind of like how a wound itches when it’s healing which is not unbearable but not fun either.

Some people have reported that L’amour Skin Cream causes an allergic reaction for those with plant sensitivities. Potential serious L’amour Skin Cream side effects can be resolved if you speak with a dermatologist and conduct a skin patch test before regular use.

Free Trial Offer (Pay forever)

L’amour Skin Cream offer for a 14-day trial and all you pay is for shipping and handling.

What’s really going on is that there is hidden cost buried in fine print, often in a color that washes into the background, are terms that obligate you to pay $79 to $99 a month in fees, forever.

The big picture here is that buyers are not able to read all the fine print before clicking on ‘I agree’. L’amour Skin Cream spells out the numbers, with no dollar signs; anything that has to do with money or a time frame gets washed into the text. That’s exactly what you’ll see in the terms for L’amour Skin Cream, an anti aging cream that ends up costing your credit card every month once the 14-day free trial period ends or until you cancel.

So, technically speaking, L’amour Skin Cream might not be an exact scam, but it sure is shady.

So have you been a victim of such a scam? Share your experience with us and let us know which skincare product has duped your hard earned money?


  1. Joyce

    I was stupid and did not see the 14 day trial scam. My card was charged for 2 products eye cream by SkinAmour and serum by SkinAmour. 89.97 and94.97. This is a huge scam,I am very careful to fear all warnings but this time I missed it. Thank goodness I called my on another matter and found out about these charges. I am vision empaired so don’t fill out things as fast as I used to. If I had not called my bank I would have been charged again. Please spread the word about this scam, I was duped but it won’t happen again. If there is any way to recoup these charges please let me know.

  2. Wendy Welsh

    The auto renewal feature was buried in the Terms and Conditions. I was billed $84 for a very small “free sample” because I didn’t cancel my subscription within 14 days. They did cancel my subscription, but they tried to keep the first billing of $84. I would call that false advertizing.

  3. Maria Ingato

    I got hit with taking a survey and afterwards being offered a FREE gift. One of which is L’Amours skin serum. Two weeks later I am charged $98 because my “trial period” is over. I never saw the fine print!! I called and they issued me a measly 50% refund. I am trying to figure out what I should do next. I HATE being scammed.

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