With the number of internet scams on the rise, many have been burned with Kellie Anti Aging Cream and its questionable business practices. Kellie Anti Aging Cream works by trapping you with marketing gimmicks and fine print in their terms and conditions, which you agree to when you sign up for Kellie Anti Aging Cream’s Risk Free Trial.

The Risk Free Trial offer scam is available for those who are fooled with the ‘Free’ keyword. There is nothing free in the world, and Kellie Anti Aging Cream is a perfect example. If you get this risk free trial in thinking that this will get you a free skin cream, you will pay the price of your mistake, one which could end up upwards of thousands of dollars.

The ingredients in Kellie Anti Aging Cream are not mentioned under the guise of the secret proprietary formula that is used. But how do they expect to gain the trust of the public if they don’t even reveal their list of ingredients. This can only mean that they have put something in the cream that they don’t want you to find out about. Maybe it’s something that doesn’t have sufficient research conducted, you cannot be sure. But it’s really difficult to apply something to your face when you don’t know what you are putting on your face.

The benefits of Kellie Anti Aging Cream are mentioned but are the standard with this sort of anti-aging cream:

  • It Supposedly Improves Skin Tone
  • It Supposedly Hydrates Skin
  • It Supposedly Firms And Tones Skin

There is nothing special about the benefits, your average skin care product from your local Walmart’s is just as effective. So, the question is, why do you need to buy Kellie Anti Aging Cream?

Kellie Anti Aging Cream Costs & Fees

The cost of ordering Kellie Anti Aging Cream’s risk free trial is quick a surprise, especially if you were expecting a free product.

Well, it’s not free, not by a long shot. First, you are charged for ‘Shipping & Handling’ when you sign up for the risk free trial. This is a visible cost and one you are told about.

So, after you order Kellie Anti Aging Cream and you receive the package containing Kellie Anti Aging Cream, its already been 10 days or so. What you don’t know is that the trial is ‘risk free’ but only until the trial period ends. Because when it ends, you will be charged the full price for the bottle.

Then, after you give up on the money you were debited for the cream, the next month arrives, along with a charge for yet another cream. When you ask around, you find out about the auto-shipment program which you gave consent to when you signed up. This auto shipment program works by sending you a new bottle every month, as well as being charged for the new bottle every month. Which is when you find out to stop this charge, you have to cancel your subscription to the program.

Kellie Anti Aging Cream Canceling Enrolment

When most try canceling their subscription, they call customer service. They either get an unhelpful attendant or a prerecorded message saying that the line is disconnected. Which is why most have had to cancel their credit cards to stop Kellie Anti Aging Cream from taking their money.

The best way to avoid this in the future, read the terms and conditions properly before your sign anything. So, while Kellie Anti Aging Cream is shady and unethical, the system set up is not illegal.

Is Kellie Anti Aging Cream A Scam?

Not a scam per say, but definitely really shady. Because of the shallow background on their manufacturers, bad customer service, and deceiving schemes by the manufacturing company about the payments, Kellie Anti Aging Cream isn’t recommended for anyone. You are better off buying a cream which isn’t a risk free trial but an outright buy like Eye Secrets Collagen & Q10.

But if you want more information about this anti-aging cream, there are reviews available online for Kellie Anti Aging Cream.

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