In the kind of world we live today self defense especially for women is of utmost importance. It is a known fact that women are referred to as the weaker sex and therefore, they are considered to be easy targets. There are cases of increase in gender violence, out of which many just pass by as unreported and hence self- defense for women has become a necessity more than ever. The common crimes one hears against women are rape, molestation, kidnapping and murders. Women are also easy target being vulnerable to acid attacks and eve teasing.

The usual mindset of people, which is inclusive of the victim as well as the spectator, is to simply ignore and let go of the entire matter. However, as responsible citizens of independent countries, we do not realize is that these cases of harassment faced by women can end up into bigger crimes eventually. Thus, the vitality of self-defense techniques comes into the lives of women as a must to know technique whereby they can protect themselves.

There has been studies conducted which show that criminals usually choose their targets in cases whereby the victim is not aware of the surroundings. Hence, the first and foremost rule to self defense is that women need to be more vigilant and 100% aware of the surroundings. They should also work on their awareness towards various strategies that needs to be adhered under adverse circumstances. For e.g. if you are home alone during an attack, you should immediately escape to the kitchen and find chili powder or knifes to protect yourself by using them as weapons. There are also some important measures that women need to make a note of. This will help them be safe and stay away for dangerous situations. These measures are:

  • Every time you travel in a cab make sure that you note down the number of the cab, especially when travelling alone.
  • Get enrolled in a self-defense class. Gain knowledge of several techniques that can help you physically combat the attacker.
  • The best and well known self-defense options are basic karate, kick boxing, Israeli Krav-maga and the traditional stick fighting. These are some options that you can choose to learn towards self-defense.

Below mentioned are some quick tips that you can follow towards your very own self-defense:

  • Play the pretending act. At first be submissive and then combat back in a fierce manner such that the attacker is taken off-guard.
  • Maintain a good fitness level. This helps you run as fast as you can.
  • Be aware of every place you are. Even when walking on the road, keep a check on the surroundings at all times. This will avoid groping or chain snatching situations, which can take place from behind.
  • Always hold your purse in front and walk being attentive of the surroundings.
  • When you are in unknown territories, always wear comfortable footwear, rather than high heeled shoes.
  • Scream ‘STOP’ in the loudest and the most aggressive voice when need prevails. However refrain from using swear words or threats, as that might instigate the attacker.

You also need to consider that self-defense training at times might not be easily available everywhere. In such cases, women need to make up for this by staying updated against gender violence issues by means of newspapers, television and magazines. Women who belong to smaller cities can also be aware of self-defense techniques by surfing the internet and learning through proper training content and tutorials.

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