4 Steps To Layer Your Skin Care Products.

Confused Which Skin Care Product To Apply First? Find Out Simple Ways To Maximize Skin Care Products By Sequencing Them In An Ideal Manner.

We all have a cabinet full of skincare products in our bathrooms. Most of us don’t even know how to use them. We usually complain that most of the stuff doesn’t work for you. It may be because we are not applying them in right order. If skincare products used in right order can create miracles. We have compiled an order in which you should use your skincare products.

Cleanse your face. You always start with a clean and dry face.

1. Serums:

The first product to go on your face is a serum. Serum is a water based product loaded with all active ingredients. There are no thickeners like mineral oil or any nut oil in them. They are rich with ceramide, glycerin, natural ingredients and vitamin C, K, E. Since serums are highly concentrated a small pea sized drop is enough. A small bottle of serum can be quite expensive but they last long time. Serums are easily absorbed in the skin, hence they work wonders on deep cellular levels. This helps them to show results almost immediately. You’ll start seeing results within a week. An ideal serum contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators.

2. Eye Creams:

The skin around eyes is fragile and can easily be damaged. There are so many factors which causes wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness all around your eyes. Regardless of which internal and external factors may be causing havoc around our eyes, eye creams are here to delay those wrinkles. The important components in an eye cream is vitamin C, retinol and peptides that help boost collagen. Collagen helps maintain overall structure of our skin, including firmness and thickness. Ceramide and Hyaluronic acid from eye creams provide extra hydration which helps reduce puffiness around our eyes.

3. Night Creams:

During the day, your skin has to put up with pollution, UV rays from sun, and your unhealthy diet. At night your skin’s regeneration power is at its peak. A night cream is rich in hydrators like amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Some of them also come with the benefits of anti-aging components. Do take into consideration your age, your skin type, skin requirements and ingredients.

4. Moisturizer:

If you are one of those people who have extremely dry skin or for whatever reason even after applying a serum and a night cream your skin feels dry, then a moisturizer is your best friend. But apply very small amount, because too much creams can cause your skin to break out. Your daily moisturizer should do the trick.

In order to follow this routine, you must understand why this order is ideal. Why not eye cream before a serum? A serum is the thinnest solution of all. It is absorbed easily in our skin and hence goes deep in to our skin. Then comes the creams, which are little thicker in consistency. You can exchange the order of creams with moisturizer as it can be lighter in consistency.

There plenty of skincare routines out there on internet. But follow only one that suits your skin. Start your skincare routine now for a beautiful and healthy skin.


  1. Chloe Butler

    been thinking of starting a skincare, this is a good guideline.

  2. Jessica Hayes

    omg! I have been applying it the other way. First moisturizer and then serum. Thanks!

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