When you think of massage, your back, shoulders and feet gets all the possible attention. But when you face the pleasure of a scalp and face massage, the body benefits overall right from head to toe. It is a well observed fact that massage increases the blood flow and helps to plump up saggy skin and encourages lymphatic drainage. It helps to shut down the toxins and keeps them away from cells such that more nutrients can be absorbed by the cells. Massage brings back life to dull complexion and vitality to hair which lack luster. Here is a quick guide to some of the types of massage.

Face Massage:

It is the perfect relaxation technique you should ensure to do on a regular basis. Giving a steady rhythmic pressured at certain facial areas leads to enhance the blood flow such that they fully infuse the skin tissues and hence provide nourishment and glow to the skin. By rubbing upward direction, this also helps to prevent wrinkle formation and firms the skin, thus avoids the skin from sagging. Giving your skin a good facial rub should be a daily part of your skin care regime. If you have a sensitive skin or skin issues like rosacea, then too much rubbing can aggravate the matter. Ensure to make use of a good facial serum which helps you with long lasting slickness and can also helps to reduce the tugging on the sensitive skin around the eye region.

Regular Moisturization:

This is extremely beneficial for the skin and for extra care use can also make use of micro massaging devices. Make use of generous amount of serum or moisturizer on your palm and hold them horizontally. Making upward strokes, one hand needs to follow the other in a quick manner. Give a good rub to your cheeks and your neck region and the movement needs to be from the left to the right. Gently apply pressure with your middle finger to the inner corners of your eyes and circle around the sockets for three to four times. You can end your massage by gently apply steady pressure to your temples with the use of middle and ring fingers.

Head Massage:

Head and scalp regions are also extreme relaxation points whereby the whole body benefits. It is a well observed fact that many women spend hours on their hair but unfortunately the scalp is totally neglected. This is a big misstate. The good health and strength of your scalp is the foundation that you provide towards the growth and health of your hair. Hence you should ensure to massage the scalp of your head on regular basis as it boosts the blood flow and helps to reduce dandruff. A few minutes of scalp massage on a daily basis helps to promote a healthy scalp which inturn enhance good hair growth. But in case of eczema or serious scalp irritation, refrain the massage to just once a week.

You do not need to make use of an exclusive scalp massager as they might end up tangling your hair. It is best to use non-mechanical method which comprises of a good quality scalp mask and proves to be menthol bases as it helps to promote the blood circulation and also reduces flaking. Make use of all 10 fingers and start massaging your scalp. Begin at your temples and gently but with a firm grip massage your head in a circular motion. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your head and hair together, as this can lead to damaging both the scalp and the hair.

These prove to be extremely useful massage benefits as it helps your complete body to relax and at the same time promote a healthy skin care regime by enhancing the blood flow and providing nutrition to skin cells.

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