5 Hacks That Will Keep Your Fashion Accessories Fresh And Save You From Food Wastage.

Life is of surprises. You’d be surprised to know that you need not always spend your precious money every single time you need to clean or wash something. We have found and compiled these hacks from the vast universe called “Internet”. Mind you these are tried and tested. They have worked for us; they might work for you too. Let’s start hacking!

1. Bread

We all have that stale bread in our fridge, just lying there. Do you like the taste of that rough, chewy bread? No. Even we don’t. But as we don’t want it to go waste; we have the perfect use for it. Use this stale bread to scrub off the dust and dirt from your suede. Any bag, shoe, jacket, dress or even furniture. Get scrubbing.

2. Vodka

Okay now, I know this isn’t food, but we do have vodka in our homes. You could borrow some from your mom or dad. Here’s how to use it. Take 1 part vodka and 2 parts water mix them in a spray bottle. Now take your unwashed, smelly shirt spray the shirt with the mixture. Especially under the armpits. What this does is, when the alcohol evaporates it takes the odor with it and you smell fresh. Also, when you get caught with a lime and a bottle of vodka, you can always explain this trick to get out of a jam. Two birds, Huh!


When life gives you lemon, you clean your laundry with them. Take a lemon scrub it the part of the cloth which is stained. That’s it. Wash the cloth in your regular laundry and see the stains fade away.Lemon Scrub is an excellent hack for getting rid of sweat stains.Lemon has concentrated citric acid that plays a major role in cleaning stains.

4. Tea bags

Tea bags not make refreshing beverage but also good deodorants for your shoes. Tea leaves absorb moisture very easily and smell good. Place a tea bag in your each shoe. The tea bag will absorb all the moisture and the stinky odor from your shoe. Go tea bag your shoes now!

5. Salad spinner

Just hand washed your favorite lingerie. I have a simple way of drying it. Do you have a salad spinner your kitchen? Yes, great. No, then borrow one. You can dry any of your hand washed clothes in your salad spinner. Just remember to wash and clean the salad spinner before using it for the salad mixing or returning if it is borrowed.

There you have it. rather than wasting food or throwing it away, now you can use it for making yourself more fashionable.


  1. Freda Perez

    I am guilty of spraying vodka on my clothes. only the ones which I have used twice. Quick tip; spray perfume on your clothes or else you might smell like a drunk.

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