Beauty hacks can make your life simpler. They provide you with amazing results using tools easily available in your closet or cabinet. But not all of them are safe and fool proof. Some may cause disasters and may ruin your beauty forever. It is always safer to invest in quality items when it comes to facial beauty.

Here are some of them which you shouldn’t try.

Don’t Curl Your Eye Lashes Using Korean Fire Method!

Well, the name suggests everything you need (in this case need not) to do. As it comes from your favorite beauty destination of the world South Korea, it has become more popular.

In the first step, you of this eyelash curling method you curl your eyelashes with a normal curler. Then remove the top cotton portion of the Q-tip and with a lighter heat up the remaining portion of the stick. Take care as not to burn the stick and check the heat on the back of your hand so as not to burn you eyelashes. Run the heated stick horizontally up your lashes, and end with an extra coat of mascara.


The aim of this hack is to get the effects of the eyelash curler, but at what cost? It is would be much safer to use an eyelash curler instead.

Avoid Using Petroleum Jelly On Eye Lashes!

One more eyelash beauty hack that is making the rounds in the beauty industry is that involves coating your lashes with petroleum jelly to achieve extra length and body. Leaving on petroleum jelly on your eyes for longer than necessary can cause irritation.

Petroleum Jelly Eyelashes

It is a humectant, a protective barrier that draws moisture from the air and from the lower layers of skin and no a hair growing potion. Ingredients in petroleum jelly have known to clog your skin pores around the eyes, which makes this delicate skin around the eyes more prone to infection.

Lemon And Honey Exfoliation!

To get rid of blackheads, some suggest to apply 3 to 4 drops of honey to half a lemon, and then rub the lemon over your face. Next, let this mixture sit on your face for five minutes before washing with warm water. This homemade remedy exfoliates without drying your skin too much, while the lemon juice simultaneously fades dark spots.

Have you noticed any flaws in this beauty hack? Lemons! Lemons are acidic in nature, which may be a plus point when trying to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads but they can also harm your skin when applied in excess.


Honey, on the other hand, is an antibacterial/microbial and also moisturizes skin. But there is no need to apply raw honey on your face multiple times. The homemade remedies provide results which are good for skin every once a while but not frequently.

There are plenty of facemasks out there in the market which provides benefits of lemons and honey.

Beauty hacks have known to save time and money but are they worth it? Some may be beneficial while others might be harmful. Hopefully, this advice will steer you away from overrated hacks in the beauty industry.

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