Self motivated women who exercise at the gym also end up burning those additional calories; however, exercising with a buddy is a source of more motivation which helps to crush unwanted calories. Working out with a partner helps to take focus of an uncomfortable feeling of working hard on your body. You can follow the three mission workout with your gym buddy such that you will ensure to torch calories and sculpt yourself a shaped body. Each mission is complimented with a lower body exercise which is followed by a workout that has the entire body involved. This will help you tone your butt and burn excess fat at the same time. So get hold of your best friend, sister or your and begin to follow this sweat dripping workout.

The Three Mission Workout:

Follow the three mission step by step in order. During every mission, your partner will begin the first workout for the number of reps mentioned while you will commence with the second exercise simultaneously. Once the reps have been completed, you need to switch places with your partner. After the first mission, take a break for 2 minutes and then you need to move to the next mission.

Partner 1: Crusty Lunge

You need to stand straight. By taking a large step back with your right foot, cross the same behind your left foot. Slightly lower yourself down, upto the knee, such that your knee is bent to about 90 degrees. Keep your knee over your toes and push through your left heel to slowly rise yourself back to standing position. Now perform the same with your other leg. You need to ensure to complete 30 reps.

Partner 2: Plank

Kneel on all fours and rest your elbows on the ground. Now slowly lift your knees such that your elbows are toes are only touching the ground. Your elbow requires being exactly beneath your shoulders and your legs should be fully extended. Stay in this position till the time your partner is done with the reps of crusty lunges after which you will need to switch places with your partner. This completes Mission 1.

Partner 1: Single Leg Hip-Ups

To begin this workout you will need to lay on your back with your knees bent. Your feet need to be flat on the floor. Now slowly push your left heel and gently raise the right foot and butt off the floor. Your main point of focus needs to be driving your right knee up. On reaching maximum height, lower down your him and perform the same on the other side. Ensure to complete 30 reps.

Partner 2: Mountain Climber

Place both your hands on the ground with shoulder width distance apart your leg fully extended back behind you.  Keep your foot below your torso. Ensure to keep your abs tight and sucked in. now jump fast and switch your feet as fast as you can. The landing should be in a gentle manner with opposite foot forwards. Continue till your first partner is done with her reps and then switch the workout. This completes Mission 2.

Partner 1: Air Squat

You can commence this workout by standing straight with your feet apart having shoulder distance. Keep your entire body weight on your heels. Bend your knees and lower back downward until your hips reach below the knees. Keep your arms up straight in from so that you are able to balance your body.  Drive your body upward through your heels until you get back to the starting position.  Ensure to do 15 of these reps.

Partner 2: Burpee

Stand straight with your feet apart having shoulder width distance. First step is to squat down and place your hand on the ground. Slowly jump back and come to the plank position. Perform a pushup and jump front aging and stand up straight thus coming back to the starting position. Continue this until your partner is done with air squats reps and switch thereafter. This completes Mission 3.

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